News From the Far East

News From the Far East
In today’s Boston Globe (Motto: “We Just Voted To Have Ourselves Nationalized!”), Bob Durand writes:

As the depression of the Central Artery nears completion, the restoration of its scarred surface provides us all with an extraordinary opportunity to reclaim a critical piece of downtown Boston and create the Rose Kennedy Greenway.


Greenway? Sounds far too Jewish for a Kennedy.

But what I really wanted to link to from today’s Globe is the new Cathy Young piece. You might know her from her column (which I don’t read nearly as often as I should) or her excellent work in Reason (which you should subscribe to immediately for the low, low price of just 15 bucks. I paid more, but I got a sweet new coffee mug out of the deal).

Anyway, there is a point in here somewhere, I promise:

Just like the question of Andrea Yates’s guilt, the question of whether Russell Yates bears partial responsibility for his children’s death has turned, to some extent, into a gender issue – with feminists lined up on one side, men’s advocates on the other.

At first glance, it was hard to see this man as anything other than the sixth victim in the case: a father who lost everything he had in one terrible moment. But as Andrea Yates’s family and friends (including Russell Yates himself) described the overwhelming evidence of her mental illness, people inevitably started to ask how any man in his right mind could leave his five young children in the care of a seriously disturbed woman.


I honestly don’t know where I stand on all this. I shocked the hell out of myself for agreeing with Krauthammer when he said Yates shouldn’t receive the death penalty.

So now Cathy Young, who made her name denouncing what passes these days for feminism, comes out against Russell Yates, I’m thrown for another loop.

Help me out here. Comment, please. Just click on the drinks.

UPDATE: Blogger was down, so it took longer than expected to add the link I forgot last night. All done now.


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