The Sullivan Crusade Advances More

The Sullivan Crusade Advances
More brilliance from Andrew on a Bush/Rice ticket in 2004:

She could also help Bush to achieve his dream of winning more than the paltry ten percent of black votes he did in 2000, a demographic group Democrats desperately need to keep locked up to keep an edge in presidential politics. Rice – coming from the South and Mountain West, but also provost of one of California’s greatest universities – makes geographic sense as well. And, best of all, she’s a trusted conservative. Her instincts are Bush’s: realist, uncompromising but flexible in a pinch. And he trusts her deeply.


Since I’m still sucking up to Sullivan, I won’t mention that this meme has been floating through the blogosphere for weeks.

Also, I’m hoping for a Rice/Paglia ticket in 2008.


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