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For an infantryman, there’s nothing worse than street fighting. Every building is filled with holes, and each hole can hide a bad guy with a gun. When my buddy Rob was going through Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) before shipping of to Korea, I remember what he said about street fighting:


“If the Lieutenant tells you to go take that building, you figure you’re probably gonna die. Then you go do it.”

In city fighting, even the Marines count on at least a third of their men being killed or wounded, sometimes as high as 75%. And that’s for every day they fight. We have a small, expensive, highly motivated, and well-trained military. We can’t afford to throw our men away like that.

To make things worse, in the future, most wars will be fought in cities. Something has to be done. Thanks to a link from Kat, now we know that something is being done.


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