I Needed a Smoke After

I Needed a Smoke After That One
It’s Friday, kids, and you know what that means — Krauthammer!

The Hammer gives us a short history of the post-modern anti-war movement, and finds it sputtering. Literally.


So where is the left left? Sputtering, as with this from Robert Kuttner, editor of the American Prospect, writing in the Boston Globe: “Whether it is an ill-specified axis of evil, or a decision to make tactical nuclear war thinkable, or a domestic ‘shadow government,’ or deliberately leaked plans to attack Iraq, George W. Bush in his own way is as frightening as al Qaeda. . . . Terrorism, unfortunately, is all too real. But so is one’s terror of the Bush presidency.”

Yeah, right. W flew Air Force Reserve jets for a few years, but never once flew one into an office tower. So by default, I have to choose him over Osama.

Anyway, Krauthammer says it better than I do, so go read the whole thing. You’ll thank me after.


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