I Feel So Used Fridays

I Feel So Used
Fridays are my favorites. Working at home, I can have my weekend whenever, so it’s not a TGIF thing. For me it comes down to the news. On Fridays we get Krauthammer to worship, Noonan to praise and flirt with, Kristof to ridicule, and Ebert to tell us what not to see this evening.


I saved Noonan for last today, but that was a big oops. She’s writing today on Pope John Paul II coming out against pedophilia. Here’s her lede:

This week an old giant returned to speak of what roils us. His words were welcome, heartening and necessary. But they were not, I think, sufficient.

She goes on like this for approximately ever, when the only really necessary response to the Pope was “Hello, duh.”

I know a girl needs to make a living, but couldn’t she have spent the verbiage more profitably making fun of Martha Stewart or just cribbing off of Krauthammer?


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