Friday Night Blogs How did

Friday Night Blogs
How did I go all day without catching the new Steyn?

I usually don’t bother you with bureaucratic shufflings, because it’s boring. OK, that’s a lie — it can be frustrating and funny. And Steyn covers it much better than I do. Today he looks at all the to-and-fro-ing as Washington tries desperately not to go on a war footing while there’s a war on.


A few choice lines in no particular order or relevance:

The newly federalized security scanners fall asleep on the job as often as the minimum-wage illegal-immigrant no-spikka-da-English felony-warrants-in-three-neighbouring-states old-school security scanners.

The FAA forbids dead people from boarding, presumably in order to prevent al-Qaeda corpses from picking up their green cards.

Worried about bioterror? Don’t worry, the Centers for Disease Control is busy researching state variations in intimate-partner homicide.

If you only have one priority, saving the civilized world is as good as any.

I would prefer to set up the Robert C. Byrd Business As Usual Center, a West Virginia retirement home for the many Senators, Congressmen, cabinet secretaries and federal officials who don’t seem to realize that there’s a war on, that thousands of Americans were killed, and that, just for once, it’s not about pork and time-serving and turf disputes.

Yeah, those really are all from one column. Don’t miss it.

NOTE: Melissa is working tonight, and I’ve got to do something for the next hour or two.


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