It's Like Closing Your Fingers

It’s Like Closing Your Fingers In a Door, Only More Stupid
Earlier today I begged you kids to tell me why I bothered to vote Republican when Bush has turned out to be even further to the left than Democratic Majority Spinner John McCain.


Today, Will Wilkinson asks us why we bother to vote at all.

It’s a valid question, and I have a couple answers.

First, while there are usually no candidates worth voting for, there is almost always a ballot initiative or measure very much worth voting against. Stealth tax hikes, city council pay increases, shoddy bond measures, etc.

Secondly, I never miss an opportunity to vote “no” on keeping any and all judges. Look, judges almost never lose their jobs, unless they pull a total Rose Bird and the voters do everything but provide the tar and feathers. Therefore, voting no to keep a good judge won’t make them lose their post, but it might just make a bad judge think that people are paying attention.

Sorry, Will — voting is no more an endorsement of government coercion than filling out your 1040. Sure it’s icky, but you can always wash your hands afterwards.

I always do.

NOTE: This site promises from now on to avoid using technical political-philosophical words like “icky.” We apologize for any confusion we might have caused political novices, new readers, the home-schooled, some guy named Larry, and His Pontificense Pope Innocent III.


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