Pretty Far Our For a

Pretty Far Our For a Conservative
I missed Mark Steyn’s new column yesterday, so, uh, here it is today. Instead of going after the usual suspects in the Canadian government or Riyadh, Mark aims his big guns at an even slower-moving target: Liza Minelli.


Trust me, you want to read this, if only for the clincher:

New York will forget Liza’s latest wedding soon enough, so will Liza. But we should remember to savour this ersatz Royal wedding precisely because it’s ersatz; and those who defend America needn’t do it despite its “celebrity culture” but because of it. Better a fan than a vassal.

Also, Steyn has some truly trippy stuff about Shirley Temple and Michael Jackson. It’s like a celebrity column written by PJ O’Rourke when he was still doing truly felonious amounts of drugs. Required reading.


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