Tom Clancy Drool Fest Part

Tom Clancy Drool Fest Part VII
Eventually, I’m going to push the limits of my knowlege of Roman numerals. Hell, I’ve already demonstrated my weakness with regular math.


On with the post.

StrategyPage scores another great find about some really cool toys.

The Air Force has noted that work on new microwave weapons has come along better than expected, and it plans to have a microwave weapon available to fit into its Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle by 2012. Current microwave weapons can generate 3,000 watts. By 2004, these should reach 15,000 watts by 2004 and 100,000 watts by 2007. A microwave weapon could be extremely useful in combat. By 2010, such weapons would be able to “kill” a main battle tank by destroying its electronics. A microwave weapon could destroy most military vehicles, missile launchers, ballistic missiles in the first seconds of flight, command posts, radar stations, and could even damage the electronics on a warship. Most interesting of all, a microwave weapon could destroy the electronics of deep bunkers by feeding power through any electrical connection to the surface, including power lines, telephone lines, water pipes, or even metal-lined air ducts. Once that much power reaches the inside of the bunker, it could easily melt radios or computers and start fires.


So much for Saddam’s vaunted bunkers, right? Although, frankly, I think my attack strategy of dropping a daisy cutter down the front his jockey shorts is more appealing.

I take that back — Saddam is obviously a boxer guy. But I think we can all be certain that Osama wears tighty whities.


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