A New Calculus

The next time some Idiotarian tries to tell you this is an unjust war because we’ve killed more Afghan civilians than New Yorkers were killed on September 11, try out a different equation on them.


So long as our military casualties are lower than our civilian casualties would have been without destroying first those who would kill us, then this is certainly a just war.

We’re still more than 3,000 deaths ahead. Fight on!

UPDATE: The confusion I’ve caused is due to my total ignorance of math, coupled with the writerly desire to use as few words as is economical.

Let’s try it with more words, rather than fewer.

Our military deaths are about 35 so far. Let’s call that number X. Our civilian deaths are around 3,000. We’ll call that number Y.

Z represents the additional civilian casualties we might suffer if we don’t hunt down terrorists. In other words, if we don’t destroy al Qaeda and other groups, there will be more 9/11-type attacks. Possibly nuclear, biological, or chemical. So Z is that unknown number.

So long as X is less than Y + Z, the anti-war bozos should shut the hell up.

It’s an admittedly silly formula (which was the whole point), but no sillier than theirs regarding 9/11 fatalities and Afghan civilian deaths.


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