Endless Prattle Melissa has fallen

Endless Prattle
Melissa has fallen asleep already, but I’m going through the usual insomnia. So just a quick word before I try again to sleep.

Before I started this blog, I could tell you — for hours on end — exactly where I stood on any issue. Even something new I’d never considered before. You give me A, I respond immediately, eloquently (sometimes), and endlessly (always) with B.


Writing every day on all those same political and moral issues I hold so dear, I find…

…No, I’m not going to wimp out and say “It’s more complicated.” The world is exactly as screwed up as it’s ever been — we’re just going through a more violent phase is all. My thinking certainly hasn’t become more complicated, because I’m no smarter than I was the day before VodkaPundit was born. I’m not going to use age as an excuse, either; crowding 33 isn’t old by any means. My 85-year-old Grandfather Green is only now starting to slow down, and only a little.

The difference is you. Well, those of you who send me emails and make notes in the Drinks section and get right back in my face like I get up in yours. So now instead of preaching, I have to argue. Or at least preach a little harder — because louder just doesn’t work on a blog.

I’m no smarter, I’m no more eloquent, I’m perhaps arguably better read — and that is thanks only to my sister and brother and in-between bloggers. And yet I find my positions are much more varied than I would ever have imagined.


You’re to blame for that, and I thank you. Keep challenging me, and I’ll try to keep you entertained, annoyed, informed, offended — whatever your reason is for coming here. And that better than a thousand of you visit each day is a fact I don’t know what to do with.

Thanks for letting me vent. I think maybe I can sleep now.


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