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The Washington Post Foreign Service has some particularly nasty anti-Israeli reporting today.

As Israeli forces rumbled close to his house, 54-year-old Abdul Rahman Izzadin headed up the stairs and called down to his wife, children and grandchildren to stay indoors. Those were the last words they heard him say.


At the top of the stairs, as he reached to close the metal door leading to the rooftop, he was shot three times — in the ear, neck and cheek — and killed instantly, apparently by an Israeli sniper on the roof of an adjacent house that neighbors said the army had commandeered. Moments later, when Izzadin’s 36-year-old son Walid rushed to his father’s aid, he, too, was shot to death. It is not known why they were fired upon.

Hello, there’s a war on. They were male and foreign. Typically, that’s all it takes to get your ass shot in a war. Is that fair? Nope. But it is the way the world works. I wish things were different — but wishes ain’t Kevlar.

I might be too stupid to be an international reporter, but I can still give better advice: When you hear tanks and soldiers coming by your house, it is deadly serious business. Deadly serious. Do not go outside to gawk. Do not stand in the window. Don’t even point a finger. Just stay inside and cover your wife and children. Then if you get shot, at least you’ll have died trying to do something useful.


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