An After Work Cocktail The

An After Work Cocktail
The Dow is up, NASDAQ closed basically unchanged, job growth is starting to snowball, and people are feeling generally good.

Our soldiers are leaving a battlefield in a faraway land — because the battle at Gardez is won. Pentagon repairs are nearing completion, and settlement checks are being written to the survivors of those lost on 9/11. We all wept last night at a TV show, but there is fire behind those wet eyes.


The Arab world is unhappy with us, but they’re mostly playing ball and not griping about it much more than usual. Europe is in the whining denial of the impotent, but our British friends are still by our side. Israel is bloodied but unbeaten.

That’s the state of the world six months after the attack that was supposed to bring on a clash of civilizations and engulf the world in fire.

Next time I get too cranky and glum, will someone please remind me of these words I wrote today?


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