Yet Another Happy Post UPI's

Yet Another Happy Post
UPI’s Martin Walker says that Arafat is losing the battles but winning the war.

He may be right.

Here’s more of my cultural bias — or maybe just simple pessimism — about the Arab world. This country is, by and large, looking forward to the day when this War on Terror is over and we can stop killing strangers and come home. There are a few Nuke’em All idiots on the right, and some Let Them Nuke Us idiots on the left, but the vast middle is all in favor of doing what needs to be done and then going back to normal life.


Meanwhile, Arafat’s poll numbers are up to 70% approval among Palestinians (see the Walker column for details). That means Arabs are defining victory not by securing peace or a state of their own — they could have had both two years ago — but by simply killing Jews. There is something so sick at the heart of that culture, that they’d rather slaughter and be slaughtered than to forge something real and good and just.

That sickness is something we must fight as hard as terrorism itself. I just don’t know how.


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