Caution: The Following Post Is

Caution: The Following Post Is Designed to Annoy Republicans. And Democrats
Another story we should see on our front pages every day but don’t, is Colombia’s new offensive against FARC guerillas.


In case you haven’t been following, FARC is an old Latin-style Marxist group, so flush with drug money that they carved out their own mini-country the size of Switzerland inside of Colombia. Three years ago, Colombia was so desperate and broke they negotiated a so-called “peace zone” which FARC could “govern” unmolested by the Colombian army, courts, police, you-name-it. Imagine if Taiwain were in the middle of China, instead of an island. Better yet, make it the other way around. While Bill Clinton was busy getting his knob polished, Colombia was fighting for its very existence — and losing.

So, forgetting for a moment the delicious irony of a rich Marxist group buying their own jungle dictatorship, let’s look at what’s going on now. A few days ago, Colombia President Andres Pastrana ordered the army back into FARC’s territory. You can read my earlier comments here, complete with an obscure Steely Dan reference. The reason I say we need to pay more attention to this mess is shown in today’s LA Times.


Reporter T. Christian Miller writes that Colombia discovered terrorist training camps, a maintenance yard, and pretty much everything else your modern rogue state needs to dysfunction.

We know IRA barbarians trained there — who else might have? While I doubt Colombia has much future as a genuine nation-state, in this fight they deserve our help and our attention.

NOTE: Oh, and if you want to take FARC’s drug money away, don’t count on reforming junkies, Aaron Sorkin, or half my old college buddies. Just legalize the crap and watch those ridiculous profit margins wither away like the Marxist state.

SECOND NOTE: Hah! The Marxists states have mostly withered away — it’s the capitalist states that are thriving.


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