To Dream the Impossible Dreeaaaam

To Dream the Impossible Dreeaaaam
Found the link to this one on InstaPundit.

The European Union wants to form a 100,000-man “rapid reaction corps,” which would be the spear head for a heavier, 250,000-strong multinational corps capable of two years of sustained operations.


OK, kudos to the eurocrats for being realistic enough to make the spearhead mostly Brits — at least they have an actual standing army with some actual combat power and power projection ability. But the rest? By the time the EU has studied all the issues from all the angles, studied the studies, reported back to the proper commissions in triplicate, filed the environmental paperwork, and apologized to the unions for whatever imagined offense the unions take from all this… well, by that time, human nature will have been perfected and there will be no more war.

And you only think I’m kidding. We’ll see the New Soviet Man made real before we see a multi-national EU field army capable of traveling thousands of miles and staying there for months on end.

NOTICE: VodkaPundit makes this solemn vow — no more singing headlines.