They Like Jerry Lewis Over

They Like Jerry Lewis Over There, Too
Jimmy Carter rips Bush’s “Axis of Evil.”

Where do we start?

Jimmy, Bush took down an entire enemy regime in a few weeks after the start of this war. Your peanut ass dithered for months over our hostages held in Iran, then screwed up the infiltration of just a couple helicopters.


The Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and your response was to punish American athletes and farmers. W is arresting and damn well killing the perpetrators of 9/11.

On your watch, the Soviets started adventures in Central America and all over Africa — which you left unanswered. On Bush’s watch, al Qaeda can’t get a good night’s sleep anywhere, because we’re increasing our presence everywhere.

W has ruined “progress” with North Korea, Iran, and Iraq, you say? Oh, right. I forgot — you and your buddy Clinton got weapons inspectors back into Iraq, North Korea to stop exporting missiles, and a democratic regime in Iran. And poor dumb George just pissed all that away when he uttered three little words.

Jimmy, might I suggest a Cheese Tour of France? Be sure to keep your mouth too full to talk. Incompetence is just a lamer form of evil, Mr. Carter. Don’t make me go there.


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