And it Can Bring Two

And it Can Bring Two (or More) People Closer Together
Kevin Holstberry is back at it again — this time predictably railing against Colin Powell’s sensible comments about condoms, pregnancy and STDs. Says Kevin: “What we do is promote a culture that practically forces kids to see sex as the most important act of ones existencce; a activity that is central to ones being.”

I hate to break this to him, but dirty, dirty sex is one of the most important acts of our existence. After mere survival, the primary activity of life is to create more life, to extend itself, to keep going, to procreate. “A zygote is a gamete’s way of making more gametes,” wrote Heinlein, and good ol’ R.A. said that might just be the meaning of the whole universe. Certainly, it’s the about only order in the chaos with undeniable proof. That’s the reason even we atheists scream “oh god” at the critical moment — at orgasm, we are god, creating life from void, imposing structure on the formless.

And you know what one of the best things about being human is? The central fact of our existence is so goddamn fun.

UPDATE: Kevin was kind enough to reply in the Drinks section, but I need to add something more. Is it something more than just a strawman that the Christian right is setting up when they claim anyone against them is automatically for kids having sex at 12?