Say It with Me Now:

Say It with Me Now: “I Told You So”
The headline reads: “‘Axis’ Speech Sarts Paying Off.” Really, what more answer do the critics need?

Well, I’m going to give them more answer, anyway.

Had President Bush made the same speech on in late September, it would have been laughable. Imagine, smoke is still coming off the rubble in New York, the missing can’t even be counted yet, and he’s claiming we can kick ass halfway around the world. Saddam in Iraq and the mullahs in Iran would have stepped up operations against us and/or the Israelis after such seemingly hollow threats.

Now, back to the present. Like swatting flies, the US toppled an enemy regime in a landlocked, inaccessable nation on the other side of the world in just a few short weeks. And did so on an improvised shoestring and with barely more casualties than might be expected in a peacetime excercise of the same scale.

Suddenly, W’s words carry more weight. And he applies that weight in a little speech called the State of the Union, with the whole world watching.

And low and behold, both Iran and Iraq are at least trying to pretend to be cooperating with the US or at least the UN.

Who woulda thunk it? Frankly — most of us warbloggers have thunk it and said it for weeks and months now.