He's Not Kidding Dave Shiflett

He’s Not Kidding
Dave Shiflett on OJ’s Taste Page makes fun of some of the “sports” now deemed medal-worthy in the Winter Olympics. Hell, I think we all have. News to me in the story is that Warren Buffett (yes, that Warren Buffett) is leading a group to get bridge (yes, the damn card game) entered as a medal event.

I think that’s a worthy goal, one I hold in high regard.

Well, that is if in exchange for my support, Mr. Buffett will support my bid to form a vodka-drinking team.

And I want to captain Team USA. Sure, the Russians will be favored to take the gold, but the doubters know little of my dedication to the sport. You see, drinking is already like an Olympic sport to me. To get good at it, every day you need to drink, drink, drink — whether you’re in the mood to or not.

Let me tell you, kids: my liver is aleady in Olympic training condition. Bring on the Russians, bring on the Irish, bring’em all on.

We’ll drink’em all under the table.