Sometimes He Really Likes Being

Sometimes He Really Likes Being Tedious
It’s Thursday, and that means George Will. Today he looks at the hypocrisy of politicans giving your money to pet causes because each is a “vital national interest.” You know, like peanut growers — if they loose money, then the terrorists win.

Will gamely turns the argument into a stab at campaign finance “reform” with this:

While Congress prepares to spend, every two years, a total of $34 billion of other people’s money to cultivate the votes of just this one constituency, Congress wants to limit what Americans voluntarily can contribute to political causes.

Read the whole thing.

Quick Note: You may have noticed I’m virtually ignoring the whole campaign reform issue. It is, quite simply, an unconstitutional “reform.” “Congress shall make no law,” means that Congress shall make no law — so what else needs to be said about it? And I’d hate to be as tedious as those endless high school essays for/against things like abortion and gun control. So I’m mostly ignoring it.