Nothing Wrong with Europe Except

Nothing Wrong with Europe Except for All Those Damn Europeans
From Sarge Stryker’s blog:

The VodkaPundit asks: “Question for Sarge Stryker: How many B-1B’s would it take to liberate France from Paris? Or Europe from Brussels?”


Dude, I don’t think it’s worth the gas. Besides, there’s the possibility, however remote, that an American might die doing this feat. They’re not worth the life of one American. Perhaps the French Foreign Legion, with its stellar combat record, can do the job…

In all seriousness, a weak Europe might be to our (and the world’s) benefit, at least in the short term.

The long run problem with a weak Europe, of course, is you eventually get a Mussolini or a Hitler or a Stalin who comes along, promising to make them all strong again. And then we have to put our boots on and clean our rifles. Europe’s civil wars just this century have cost untold millions of lives.

We traveled as freight in cargo ships to move here from Europe. We go back to sightsee in luxurious cruise ships. And sometimes we have to hit their beaches from Higgins boats to clean up their messes.


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