Why We Need to Tackle

Why We Need to Tackle Iran Before Iraq, Part II
Do yourself a favor and read S. Rob Sobhani’s piece in today’s OpinionJournal. In it, he praises Bush’s SOTUA distinction between the freedom-desiring people of Iran and their theothugcratic government. He also argues convincingly against those who would normalize relations with the mullahs in order to gain “influence.” For starters, the mullahs wouldn’t have it. “Were the American flag to be hoisted at an embassy in Tehran tomorrow, young Iranians would line up for miles to obtain U.S. visas.”


There you have it — one good push and Iran joins the civilized world. Their people want and deserve it. And we owe it to them to help. Then think of the ally we’d have against Saddam.

Best part? The Saudis would truly tremble.

You can read Part I here.


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