George Bush Hanged Some Kid's

George Bush Hanged Some Kid’s Dog
Somebody (Glenn Reynolds? I don’t remember) linked to this The New Republic story, claiming TNR had become one of the more dynamic magazines out there these days. To which I forcefully reply, “Huh?”


The first half was some interesting reporting on Tom Harkin, John Breaux, and others, telling Gore — in modulated polibabble — not to run again in ’04. Pretty good stuff, I have to admit. But then…

…but then we get to the second half, which is a typical left-liberal laundry list of complaints against the Administration. You know the list:

Tax cuts go to the people who pay taxes!
Social Security reform will lead to old people getting raped by Enron!
Dick Cheney wants to defoliate Alaska!

Yadda yadda yadda. At least Earth First! pamphlets have pictures of cute fuzzy little animals.


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