Damn Wine-Swilling Negotiation Whores "And

Damn Wine-Swilling Negotiation Whores
“And I mean it,” is what Ayn Rand said is the postscript to her writing. Someone ought to tell the press here at home and governments abroad that Bush damn well meant what he said in his State of the Union Address.


There are no bargaining chips, there are no fancy deals to be struck. There are simply new civilized rules of behavior for nation-states and even “non-governmental organizations” (don’t you just love UN orthodoxy?) and those who don’t play by the rules will be paid a deadly visit. And he means it.

Carrot: You get to join the world community and maybe get very, very rich.
Stick: Daisey cutter aimed by Special Forces guys with laser pointers.

To read the same point, only made much more eloquently, see Ariel Cohen and Michael Kelly.

In the meantime, I’m writing my congressman to see if he’ll sponsor a Joint Resolution asking France to “Shut the Hell Up Already.” And maybe to do something about the potholes on Platte near Wabash.


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