But Most of it Already

But Most of it Already is Rubble
As I’m sure you’ve read by now, al Qaeda is considering moving their base of operations to Lebanan. Leave aside the poor Lebanese, who have been through far more hell the last 27 years than any people deserve, with the possible exception of French Canadians. The important question is, what the hell is supposed criminal genius Osama bin Laden THINKING?


We’ve just demonstrated that we can kick his ass in landlocked, inaccessable, no-real-roads Afghanistan. A place far from any of our forward bases, a place where even carrier aircraft had to stretch to reach. So you would think his next stop would be somewhere even more remote. Say, the Brazilian rainforest, or Papua New Guinea, or in orbit around Zoltram VII.

Instead, he wants to park himself in Lebanon. A quick look at the map tells us: A) Lebanon is within launching distance of most every military asset we have, and; B) It’s right the hell next door to Israel, a country which — without out help! — owned the suburbs of Beirut as recently as 1982.

Osama bin Laden is no criminal mastermind. He’s a barbarian who got lucky.

Did Osama get a sweet deal on office space in downtown Beirut?
Perhaps Arafat (or Assad Jr, or Khadaffi) suggested the move, so he’d no longer be the biggest bastard on the Mediterranean?
What, Libya was full?

I could go on, but fishbarrelling gets old.


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