Israel is moving into Nablus

Israel is moving into Nablus after yet another terror attack by a madman Palestinian. VodkaPundit believes this is the beginning of the end for Arafat. And the end could come even quicker than anyone reasonable thinks.


It’s a good thing VodkaPundit is rarely reasonable.

Seriously, Arafat can’t (won’t) keep the peace. He doesn’t know how and even if he did, he would have no interest. Even FARC down in Colombia has learned negotiation is the way to go, but Yasser is just too old school. Sure, yes, of course, Israel needs to stop tearing down Palestinian homes and stop putting up new settlements. But that pales in comparison to Arafat’s war of terror.

For the sake of the entire Middle East, I hope Arafat is taken out by his own people, rather than the Israelis.


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