Good Monday morning. VodkaPundit has

Good Monday morning. VodkaPundit has a mostly cleared head now after the weekend’s celebrations.

Matt Drudge links to this story in the UK’s Independent this morning. Apparently, the US faces a record four billion in WTO “penalties,” I.E., higher import duties into the EU, over some of our tax code.


If this ruling goes into affect, it could A) decrease Congress’ appetite for doling out corporate welfare through the tax code, which would be a good thing; B) increase American suspicion of free trade, which would be a bad thing; or C) not really have much effect at all on anything.

VodkaPundit chooses C — and you read it here first.

Free trade is good for business, good for the economy, good for everybody. And warping the tax code for big political donors — or anyone else — always always always leads to warped economic behavior. If four billion bucks is what it costs us to get straightened out on that score, then that’s a small price to pay for yet another competitive advantage over the rest of the world. Especially over France.

Ed. Note: VodkaPundit has been a Proud Member in Good Standing of the Bomb France First Crowd since 1986. Although sometimes when enjoying a nice Bourdeaux, he’d settle for simply defoliating Belgium.


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