Fox News 'Is Dead,' and Tucker Carlson Is Already Living Large With a Job Offer

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Fox News “is dead,” and Tucker Carlson already has his first job offer. It came within hours of the shocking announcement that he and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation were “parting ways.” Who took the biggest hit? It looks like Fox News has.


Though PJ Media suspected Carlson was in some hot water with the corporate suits and the board at Fox News over his January 6 coverage, which ended almost as soon as it started, the news that he was leaving hit with the force of an asteroid in cable news circles.

No one in the digital information space thinks that Carlson will have any problem starting his own brand on any number of platforms, from Rumble to SiriusXM. Fox News, however, took an immediate hit on Wall Street.

And Fox News took a hit in the court of public opinion with the investor class as well.

Carlson is expected to land on his feet. Former Fox News talent Megyn Kelly told her podcast audience on Monday that Carlson could look forward to “blue, blue skies ahead,” adding, “He’s got a bright future. A more joyous, brighter, and more lucrative future.”


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Her guest, former Fox News talent Glenn Beck, who knows all about starting his own digital information fortress, agreed that Carlson would be much happier out on his own. In fact, he said he’d been planning for Carlson’s ouster at Fox News and had prepared a job offer for him.

We’ve been preparing an offer for him for a few days just to be ready in case. It’s looked dicey for a while. We hope to present him an offer at The Blaze. He wouldn’t miss a step. He’d just take it and go. I mean, I think Tucker will do very very well for himself.

Both Kelly and Beck speculated on why Carlson was out. Both thought the January 6 recordings the former Fox News host had access to were a sore point with the network.

Beck said, “He [Carlson] was alone at Fox with the videos. Did you notice at Fox the news department never did play any of those videos?”

Kelly agreed. “They didn’t support him at all. They buried their own exclusive.”

Beck asked incredulously, “That’s not news? Why would you not cover that? That’s not news? I think Fox is in trouble. In real, real trouble.”


And Beck said there was more in the atmosphere than that.

Between the AOC statement that came out over the weekend that said Fox should be regulated, the billion-dollar lawsuit, and more importantly, CBS and this insane interview with Ray Epps where Ray Epps specifically said, ‘Tucker Carlson is targeting me to destroy my life,’ I think those three things happening within seven days is not a coincidence.

Kelly, who covered the Dominion voting machine lawsuit on her program, said that Carlson had the least culpability of all the Fox talent. She said that if Fox were to get rid of anyone, it would be Jeanine Pirro or Maria Bartiromo cut first.

But Kelly wonders about “the board’s” influence on the decision. And who is on that board? You’ll remember former GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. It’s Ryan who was instrumental in getting the network to “move on from Trump” and could have had a hand in green-lighting Carlson’s ouster.

“Way to know your audience. Tucker was the only reason anybody ever talked about Fox News,” said Kelly.


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