Man Who Stabbed Rand Paul Senate Aide in Broad Daylight Had Just Been Released from Prison

Manuel Balce Ceneta

A staffer for Republican Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was stabbed “in broad daylight” by a man who had just been released from prison the day before. The unidentified staffer is in serious condition in a D.C. hospital.


Washington, D.C., has been growing more unsafe by the day because of local policies that reward criminal acts instead of punishing criminals. And this reality is getting better known because Capitol Hill workers are becoming more frequent victims of the Democrat-run city’s laissez-faire attitude about crime. Indeed, it nearly required a literal act of Congress and a presidential decree to get the woke city council to back off yet another easy-on-crime bright idea to reduce penalties for robberies and carjackings.

The New York Post reported that “the attack occurred on the same street as, and less than a mile away from, Rep. Angie Craig’s (D-Minn.) apartment building, where she was attacked by a crazed suspect with a long rap sheet inside the building’s lobby elevator last month.”

The Senate staffer, who wasn’t identified, was stabbed multiple times “with the intent to kill” and left to bleed out on a sidewalk. The staffer is in serious condition at last report.

Paul issued a statement saying he wanted privacy for his staffer.


This past weekend a member of my staff was brutally attacked in broad daylight in Washington, D.C. I ask you to join Kelley and me in praying for a speedy and complete recovery, and thanking the first responders, hospital staff, and police for their diligent actions,” the statement reads. “We are relieved to hear the suspect has been arrested. At this time we would ask for privacy, so everyone can focus on healing and recovery.

Fox 5 DC reported that the Bureau of Prisons records confirmed that the man arrested for the attempted murder, 42-year-old Glynn Neal, had been released from prison on Friday. He obviously didn’t waste much time trying to get back there.

Neal spent 12 years in prison for trafficking women. He was a pimp and used threats and intimidation to get them to do what he wanted.

Paul has himself been attacked twice in the D.C. area, once in the attempted political assassinations of Republicans on the congressional baseball team. A Bernie Sanders supporter and Rachel Maddow fan took a semi-automatic rifle to murder Republicans on the baseball practice field in 2017.


Two months later, Paul was attacked by his neighbor in an act of political retribution. The neighbor, who’s now in prison, broke six of Paul’s ribs and injured one of his lungs so severely that it eventually had to be removed.

Then, in August 2020, Paul was surrounded by an angry mob of BLM and Antifa protesters who targeted people coming from a Donald Trump event.

Can this guy finally get some peace and quiet? Good God.

And while you’re talking to Him, say a prayer for Paul’s staffer.



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