SHOCK VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Outs the Lies About January 6

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was given access to more than 44,000 hours of video from the “deadly insurrection” of January 6, 2021. And after only “three weeks” of culling through the video, Carlson believes he’s blown up — KABOOM — several lies the American public has been force-fed by the media about that day.


In the first of his exposés about January 6, Carlson displayed a video that basically blew up the narrative about the day that Democrats claim was worse than 9/11. Video Carlson exposed on Monday night and will again on Tuesday showed that the lies about that day began immediately.

Carlson set up and knocked down three stories that have persisted since the riot at the Capitol Building.

Exhibit A is Jacob Chansley, whom Carlson chose to highlight first. Chansley is in federal prison for being the “QAnon Shaman.” Video shows that Chansley wasn’t an out-of-control rioter, didn’t interrupt a proceeding, and was given a personal escort by dubious police.

The video showed Chansley was escorted by Capitol Police throughout the Capitol Building on January 6 — even trying doors to help him…do what, exactly?


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They aren’t talking and they certainly didn’t have much exculpatory information to share at Chansley’s trial. Did this video make it into his trial?

Carlson noted that the January 6 Committee was full of “liars” who “lied” about what happened during the “armed insurrection,” which wasn’t armed and was not an insurrection. He used as Exhibit B the “murder” of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. Sicknick wasn’t murdered. Many PJ Media readers know this, but it may have come as a shock to those who watch the legacy media.

Carlson showed a video of Sicknick, a Trump supporter, wearing a helmet and walking inside the Capitol among the “insurrectionists” after he was said by the media to have been “bludgeoned to death” with a fire extinguisher by the riotous insurrectionists outside.


No police were killed by rioters. Sicknick died of a stroke later.

Never-before-seen video also revealed that Ray Epps, widely believed to have had attachments to “Fed! Fed! Fed!” officers, demonstrably lied to the January 6 Committee, yet the members issued a statement supporting Epps, allegedly an Oath Keeper leader.

At 2:12 p.m., he sent a text to his nephew claiming to have helped orchestrate the breach of the Capitol. He told the Committee he was back at his hotel room when he sent the message. The video shows he was still at the Capitol—and the video was available to show the Committee he was lying. Instead of being treated as a suspect, Epps was considered “an ally,” according to Carlson.

You may not think that’s a big deal, but people have been put in prison for as much in the January 6 probe.

Sadly, though given “unfettered access” Carlson says there were no answers about veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot dead by a Capitol Police officer on January 6. Carlson says there were no cameras posted in that area. Except, of course, the Antifa/BLM live-streamer who caught it on video.


Carlson says the Capitol Police had only one thing they didn’t want to be shown on the Fox News broadcast and that was a request to blur “details of an interior door.”

Carlson will continue his January 6 exposé Tuesday. He promises to interview a Capitol Police officer who has an entirely different story. We’ll see how long the legacy media decides to ignore the real story of January 6.


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