First the Kids, Now the Dog: Spain's Socialists Show Who the Left's Perverts Are Coming for Next

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Spain’s radical socialist government has changed laws to decriminalize bestiality, giving perverts a green light to have sex with animals. And this is all you need to know about what the Left is planning to do next in the rest of the so-called civilized world. If there’s one bright spot in this disgusting turn of events, it’s that perhaps prediteachers, groomers, and others will finally leave our kids alone. Oh, who am I kidding?


The Spanish parliament passed the bestiality law on Feb. 9, allowing weirdos to have sex with animals as long as the animal isn’t injured enough to have to go to a vet. And how does an animal predator know what will injure the animal enough to be taken to a vet? There’s only one right answer to that question, and it’s this: are we seriously going to leave the answer to that question to perverts?

The Post Millennial reported:

On Thursday, the Spanish Parliament approved a new Animal Welfare Law that decriminalizes bestiality so long as the creature does not receive “an injury that requires veterinary treatment.”

According to Mundotoro, “Bestiality will no longer be considered a criminal offense if there are no injuries to the animal. This is established by the new Penal Code through the new Animal Welfare Law promoted by Minister Ione Belarra that was approved in Congress on February 9.”

Now, if you can believe it, the Post Millennial’s report was “fact-checked” by the regime. Ordinarily, I’d ignore these asshats, but this one by a prominent “fact-checker” was hilarious:


In response to claims that the changed law allows for bestiality, representatives of the Social Rights Ministry, which was a driving force behind the amendment, told media outlet El Diario that:

‘All sexual acts with animals will be punishable. In the event that they produce injuries, they will be considered crimes; in the rest – less serious offenses – they will be classified as abuse without visible signs of injury (maltrato de obra).’

In large part, this controversy is caused by imprecise language. While many Spanish legal experts disagree that the law legalizes or decriminalizes bestiality [meaning many do not] some have concerns that the new wording could, at least theoretically, make it harder to convict some individuals for sexual acts with animals. [emphasis added]

Did you catch that? The “fact checkers” outfit went to the nuts who drew up this bill to let them clarify what they may have meant to say in the law.

And then the “fact checker” blamed the law’s “imprecise language” for the “controversy.” Do you know what a law with imprecise language is? A law.

No, wait, here’s my favorite part: the “fact checkers” said the new law “theoretically, make[s] it harder to convict some individuals for sexual acts with animals.” And do you know what that means? The law decriminalizes or legalizes bestiality.

This is no accident. Somebody put pen to paper and wrote about these gradations of animal sex offenses, and a bunch of Spanish radical socialists thought it was a great idea and passed it.


Here’s what the Post Millennial wrote:

Bestiality was previously illegal, with article 337.1 of the Penal Code stating, “He will be punished with three months and one day to one year in prison and special disqualification from one year and one day to three years for the exercise of a profession, trade or trade that is related to animals and for the possession of animals, the one who by any means or procedure mistreats unjustifiably, causing injuries that seriously impair their health or subjecting them to sexual exploitation, a domestic or tamed animal, an animal that is usually domesticated, an animal that temporarily or permanently lives under human control, or any animal that does not live in the wild.”
[…] The new law reforms the Penal Code and deletes article 337, removing the “sexual exploitation” of animals’ language from the code.

If they meant for bestiality to remain against the law, why would they rewrite it? Can we get a few Ave Marias and Nuestro Padres over at the La Sagrada Familia for the bestiality fans, please?

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At least one of the “many” who believe the new law decriminalizes bestiality is Spain’s minister of social rights and 2030 agenda, Ione Belarra Urteaga, who’s all for it.

Mundatoro wrote:


Here’s the translation:

Ione Belarra despenaliza la zoofilia:  no será delito  si no produce lesiones al animal

Ione Belarra decriminalizes bestiality: it will not be a crime if it does not produce injury to the animal

You can imagine how much Spain’s normal populace may want to get rid of these people who clearly have no limiting principles. It is likely why the conservative Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso is expected to make a good showing for the Partido Popular in the upcoming May elections.

The Left hates her for what the UK Telegraph reports as her conservative leadership and vowing to make Madrid into the Spanish version of Florida. She’s a fan of Governor Ron DeSantis and mirrored his leadership style, reopening Madrid quickly during COVID. She “cut taxes and red tape in a suite of open market policies that have been rewarded with growth two points above the national average. She cut income tax in the region by 20 per cent and introduced deductions to reward businesses hiring new workers. Madrid has overtaken Catalonia as Spain’s richest region, attracting £12.8 billion in foreign investment.” Ayuso says, “after lockdown, we are in our best time: Madrid is a place of openness and opportunities. In the worst moment, we never went against freedom and prosperity. Now the best times are coming.”

Yeah, she sure sounds like a much bigger scourge than the socialist who obviously favors screwing the pooch.



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