West Coast, Messed Coast™ 2022 Midterm Election Edition: California Does the Unthinkable

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It’s a special 2022 Midterm edition of the West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Worst of the West! Returns show that voters gleefully rid citizens of a God-given Constitutional right and voted to break one of the Ten Commandments. Bigly.


The West Coast, Messed Coast™ borders the deep blue Pacific Ocean and is the place where red waves go to die. While there are some pools of red, the West Coast, Messed Coast™ conservative voters had hoped to vanquish the nihilistic tendencies of the West Coast Wokesters.

Such was not to be. PJ Media’s Robert Spencer reported the reason for the inexplicable veer to the left was the activation of the know-nothing Gen-Z-ers. He reported that one political bean counter, Della Volpe, tweeted, “One thing I know already. If not for voters under 30 … tonight WOULD have been a Red Wave.”

Ah, yes, the children who just emerged from the thrall of the institutions taken over by the Left were the difference makers. What was that Lenin prediction again? Oh, yeah, something like “give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” He also said, “The goal of Socialism is Communism,” but you’ll be called a conspiracy theorist if you say that out loud.

Indeed, the gravitational pull of the black-hole-level evil approved of by the Gen-Z voters and their older fellow travelers is enough to make you head to the bunker.


The West Coast, Messed Coast™ is where we saw a stunning two-fer take place. Voters approved of getting rid of an explicit constitutional right and one of the Ten Commandments!

Let’s work our way up to the transgressions of Biblical proportions endorsed by California’s voters by starting with the patently unconstitutional measure approved by Oregon voters.

Oregon’s educational system doesn’t require you to know much before graduating from the hallowed and woke halls of the state’s high schools. This implosion of educational standards is cover for the crash of test scores due to the COVID-19 closures under autocrat Kate Brown, who herself was replaced by an equally tyrannical governor. All of this explains how Oregon could have voted to essentially ban gun purchases and create a defacto state gun ownership registry.

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One of my favorite gun rights commentators, Bill Kirk of Washington Gun Law, says purveyors of this destructive measure wrote it to stop people from getting and using guns, period. The measure goes into effect in 30 days and Kirk says “the infrastructure and the curriculum necessary so that people can jump through these hoops and still exercise their right, won’t be in place for years, if ever, therefore precluding any Oregon resident from lawfully obtaining a firearm.”


It’s precisely what the gun-grabbing Left wants, of course. But the mechanics of this unfunded bill that leaves rule-making to Oregon bureaucrats get more ridiculous and illegal.

Under measure 114, Oregonians would have to get a permit to buy a gun but would have to demonstrate how to use it and undergo law enforcement-approved training before getting a permit to buy a gun. Talk about a circular firing squad.

There’s no funding mechanism in the measure. Oregon Sheriffs estimate the cost to the state could be $50 million per year.

Kirk gives an example of what would have to happen for a woman who’s being stalked to protect herself and her family.

“How does she do that? Well [ordinarily], the easiest way to do that is to go out and lawfully arm yourself. But she doesn’t have the money to get a training class done, and even if she had the money she has to buy a gun, to do the training class to demonstrate the proficiency, but since she doesn’t have the license, she can’t get the gun.”

The measure also limits the size of magazines, while grandfathering in existing ones, but unconstitutionally puts the onus of proving compliance to law enforcement onto the defendant — that’s you, serf — instead of the state.

The Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) says the measure “flatly outlaws almost all home defense shotguns, but it also outlaws the most common shotguns used for trap and skeet events. … But the “magazine ban” component will make them unlawful to purchase. They will also be illegal to transport unless they are disassembled.”


The best training in the country is provided by the NRA at NRA facilities, but that civil rights organization is explicitly left out of the discussion.

This measure is unconstitutional, but as OFF leader Kevin Starrett says, gun rights advocates must pay for both sides in any litigation … all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court where predictably it would be bounced out on its ear. That’s not a bug of the legislation, that’s a feature.

Already, Oregon sheriffs, responsible for approving concealed/carry permits, are vowing not to enforce at least parts of this measure, which breaks not only the U.S. Constitution but the Oregon constitution as well.

And if that story didn’t make you reach for your blood pressure cuff, this might.

In a fit of nihilistic pique, California voters approved an abortion measure that allows people to kill their child up to the day of birth. You read that right.

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Boy, they sure showed that Supreme Court, huh? And, of course, the vote on Tuesday has the force of law because, unlike the constitutional, God-given guarantee to self-defense by bearing arms, the Supreme Court sent abortion decisions back to the states where people can vote when they’d like to kill babies.

The California Family Council calls the outcome nothing short of “disastrous.”

Through a deceptive and opaque crusade, the Yes on Proposition 1 campaign refused to acknowledge the deadly nature of their amendment. Abortionists will now be able to snuff out the lives of precious unborn children, up until the moment of birth.

Tuesday’s vote deals a severe blow to California. The specter of Proposition 1 will haunt our state for years to come. What does this mean for those of us working to defend life in the womb?

Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Provost at Houston Baptist University said this about losing elections:

“Losing an election means conservative ideas are unpopular, not wrong. If they are correct, then we must persuade and argue, not give in.”

And our friend Jay Watts at Life Training Institute had a similar message:

“Last night we learned that ideas that many of us believe are bad for America have taken root. Keep fighting those ideas and win people.”


Nobody said the state-by-state battles would be easy, but this outcome is unspeakably cruel and evil.

Until the next West Coast, Messed Coast™ update.

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