This Guy Was on the Ballot in Tuesday's Election. He Lost.

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The unrealized red wave in the midterm election left a huge number of people high and dry. People like that man in the photo.

In nearly every West Coast, Messed Coast™ city you look at, there are myriad pods of tents. The denizens of these tent cities are rag-draped men and women who spend hours sketching in paranoia or anxiously shaking while looking for their next fix. One or more men always lie on the ground, motionless. They silently dare passersby to reach out and ask, “Are you OK?” They look dead. They aren’t — yet — but they’re not OK, either.


Instead, they are offered Joe Biden crack pipes, “harm reduction” paraphernalia kits, places to shoot up, a sidewalk to sleep on, a place to cook their poison, and clean needles to kill themselves.

And these people, whose lights went out in their eyes long ago, were on the 2022 midterm election ballot Tuesday.

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It turns out, America didn’t really care much about the homeless encampments encroaching on their neighborhoods and overrunning their parks with crackheads and needles. They didn’t care enough to punish the political party whose decisions put them in harm’s way.

They didn’t seem to care much about the murders and shootings that have risen for the same reason.

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It all boils down to the lack of seriousness with which this president treats the border and crime in general. Americans upset with the crime issue would do well to remember that much of this drug-inspired crime comes from the border, whose doors are flapping in the wind.

Joe Biden has displayed his Eat at Joe’s! neon sign and millions of people, many of whom are bad actors doing the drug cartels’ bidding, have come. They have U.S. dollar signs in their eyes, but mostly they bring enslaved women and children, and drugs. Lots of drugs.


People come to poison our people with fentanyl and other drugs. The chemicals to make most of those drugs come from China and are spirited to cartel-run drug labs south of our border. A lot of the final product is put on the backs of people illegally stampeding into our country.

Parents were especially galled and shaken at their children being locked down during COVID-19 and used to make political points by teachers’ unions. Joe Biden, with the assent of Congressional Democrats and woke locals, sat by and did absolutely zero. Indeed, they mocked, threatened, and punished those who disagreed with him, even siccing the FBI and DOJ on them.

But that’s also somebody’s kid lying on the sidewalk, locked in his own addictions. The same country that poisoned America with COVID now poisons our kids with fentanyl. And Joe Biden rewards that country — and takes their payments and personal favors.


Recreational drug users play Russian roulette because so many of these drugs are now cut with fentanyl that could easily kill them.

The concern over the border was spun as a negative by Democrats who called it xenophobic and nationalist. Voters bought it.

Somewhere along the line, woke cities decided that it was perfectly OK to welcome drug-addicted “homeless” who’d rather “smoke their rent and live in a tent.”


A Ninth Circuit decision ruled in Martin v. City of Boise that anyone can sleep on a city’s sidewalk unless they’ve been offered a government place to stay.  As a result, the West Coast, Messed Coast™ is overwhelmed by tent cities and drugged-out homeless people.

Instead of staying and fighting, millions of Americans fled left-run states, moving to places where they and their children could fearlessly live in freedom.

Tuesday’s election vindicated them and rewarded Democrats.



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