After Leftist Threats, a Leak, and an Assassin, Will the Supreme Court Have the Guts to Follow the Constitution?

A group of protesters against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh walks to offices of Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Sept. 24, 2018, as the Senate begins a week of scrutiny of President Donald Trump's nominee to the high court. Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been further imperiled by a second sexual-misconduct allegation, dating to his first year at Yale University. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

When last we looked, the U.S. Supreme Court members were running from Leftist hunting cells, hiding from an assassin, seeking a treacherous mole, dodging threats from politicians, and trying to save the institution from anarcho-terrorists. And not just from Senator Chuck Schumer, either.


After this onslaught by the Left, do these members, including new woke-token Ketanji Brown Jackson, have the guts to stand for the Constitution they swore to uphold?

In the months since, the media have memory-holed the story of the would-be assassin who, armed with guns and equipped with kidnap paraphernalia, hunted down Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI was too busy reserving rooms for J-6ers at the Garland Gulag to roll up illegal–yes, illegal–protesters in front of justices’ homes. These protesters were demanding that the justices change their opinions before the Dobbs abortion decision was released–or else. This predictable reaction–it’s the Left, remember–occurred after a still-unknown taxpayer-paid member of the Court or staff leaked a draft copy of the Dobbs decision. How’s that mole-hunt going, Chief Justice Roberts?

The FBI looked the other way when the Left dared its coven members to go hunting for SCOTUS members by revealing on social media, with helpful dynamic maps, justices’ addresses and even where their kids went to school. Sheesh, if they weren’t so busy looking for MAGA grandmas, the FBI could have padded its “white nationalist” terror stats by  just bothering to investigate the convocations of pro-abortion protesters flapping their red witches’ capes. They even provided maps where and when they could be found, for goodness’ sake.


If the Supreme Court Cop Shop is as good at protection as it is at “investigating” the treacherous leaker, we ardently hope that Justice Amy Coney Barrett makes every day “Take Your Gun to Work Day.”

And will those Leftists conduct a collective (what else) hissy fit when they find out that the junior associate, who can’t spot a “woman” out of a lineup, must serve coffee to the other members of the court for their first year? We await the sputtering masses.

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The first case out of the chute this session is one that has been wending its way through the courts for more than 15 years. The decision in the case of Sackett v EPA may drive the Left as nuts as Dobbs.

The Dobbs decision was a devolution of power from the federal courts to the states in a rare, and welcome, show of federalism. The Sackett decision may give a well-deserved kick in the ass to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Deep Staters who believe dried-up mud puddles are “navigable waterways” — because they said so, so there.

The Wall Street Journal gives a quick and dirty take:


[The Sacketts] land contains no body of water, and the law authorizes EPA to regulate only “navigable waters” in interstate commerce. EPA nonetheless ordered construction work halted and threatened huge penalties if the Sacketts didn’t obtain a federal permit, which typically requires more than two years and $250,000 in consulting costs.

EPA’s reasoning went like this: The Sacketts’ lot was connected to a wetland though it was separated by a 30-foot paved road, and that wetland was connected to a man-made ditch that was connected to a non-navigable creek that was connected to Priest Lake, which was navigable.

To summarize: Federal EPA bureaucrats currently have the power to require you poor schmucks to pay for an expensive federal study in the state of Idaho because if you squint really hard, twirl five times, tap your heels together, and mumble an ancient earth-mother chant,  you see water in your dreams.  The EPA calls this a navigable waterway and declares control over it.

You can understand why the pressure will remain on the court. If abortion is the sacrament, environmentalist leftism is the religion.


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