West Coast, Messed Coast™ Governors Declare 'Abortion Offensive' After Dobbs Decision

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, where Covid put me on the DL for a while (but thank goodness I got a shot!) and where we’re back just in time to observe the governors of Oregon, Washington, and California remind the rest of America why they don’t live there.


Shortly after the Dobbs decision rolling back the Roe v Wade and Casey Supreme Court decisions, Gavin Newsom, Kate Brown, and Jay Inslee issued a pre-recorded video vowing to “build a West Coast offense” and welcome every birthing person who doesn’t want to be a birthing person to come over to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ to get a free abortion. Newsom has previously announced that his taxpayers will foot the bill for his abortion sanctuary. Creepy.

Among the scaremongering in the video is a promise by Brown to “resist intrusions by any out-of-state prosecutors, law enforcement, vigilantes trying to investigate patients receiving services in our states,” which no state has threatened. But why let truth intrude when you’re on a roll?

Newsom promises that “we’re going to stop misinformation,” whatever that means. We suppose it will mean whatever they feel like on a given day.

Left unsaid in the video is why Roe and Casey were never implicit in the Constitution. Or that abortion is still legal in states that decide it’s just swell.


Elsewhere in dystopia, Newsom and the rest of the West Coast, Messed Coast™ governors’ cabal still refuse to give up their Covid “emergency powers,” wielding their dictatorial powers to neutralize the state legislatures and use their pens and phones to directly ruin people’s lives. But what ho! The notoriously Left LA Daily News has finally noticed and called on Governor Hair Gel to give up his emergency powers. Sure, the opinion is written by Marc Joffe of the Reason Foundation, but the LADN printed it.

In Orange County, CNN’s choice of 2020 presidential contenders, Michael Avenatti, has lost another round in court. The former attorney for stripper Stormy Daniels, and wanna-be bête noire of Donald Trump, was found to have withheld fees from an attorney he worked on a case with.

Law.com reported:

12 Orange County Superior Court jurors agreed Avenatti “substantially” interfered in Los Angeles attorney Robert Stoll’s ability to collect money he was rightfully owed.

The jury concluded Stoll hadn’t done his fair share of the work, but they still concluded he was due something. [J]urors said afterward that they felt as though Avenatti was on trial, and they convicted him of everything they could.



As gay pride month winds down, the tolerance crowd has announced that gay cops aren’t welcome to participate in a big parade.

Due to the history of Stonewall Sunday and the fact that Pride was birthed from a riot against police brutality, Seattle Pride will not permit police uniforms, police vehicles, any police insignia, or police propaganda to walk in any parade contingency.

The Seattle Police Department will still be allowed to keep people safe but may not participate.

Don’t let that rainbow boa hit your ass on the way out, cop haters.

Until next time, West Coast, Messed Coasters™.



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