Feds Who Enforce COVID Shot Mandates Exempt Themselves From COVID Shot Mandates

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Biden Administration’s COVID-19 shot mandates pushed out elite U.S. Navy SEALs, airline pilots, National Guard soldiers, Air Force pilots, cops, doctors, nurses, firefighters, and a host of other top-tier frontline professionals during the pandemic. After they destroyed the careers of thousands of these professionals, the mandates were confirmed to have been a fraudulent ruse.


“It turns out if you don’t want to have to take a vaccine, just get a job enforcing the vaccine mandate,” says former Trump Administration chief of staff for the Department of Health and Human Services, Texas state representative Brian Harrison.

Harrison says the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, charged with enforcing tyrannical shot and testing mandates, have exempted their own employees.

You read that right.

Harrison acquired a memo that reads in part, “CMS is rescinding and hereby removing the January 25, 2022 Memo regarding Vaccination Expectation for Surveyors Performing Oversight (QSO-22-10 ALL) from HHS’s guidance repository.”

The memo says that, while there’s now no requirement for people to have a COVID shot to perform the CMS surveys, “we commend all the entities who have established COVID-19 vaccination programs for their surveyors and we continue to encourage vaccination of surveyors performing federal oversight surveys.”

Harrison told Newsmax, “This shows that the Biden administration is truly authoritarian and these mandates never had anything to do with public health in the first place, but sadly and tragically, they had much more to do with giving the federal government more control over our lives. These mandates must end.”


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In January, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the OSHA-imposed shot mandates for private workplaces but upheld the CMS mandates, which meant the nation’s hospital workers were required to get the unreliable COVID shot.

Now it appears that those who impose the federal government’s COVID shot mandate are exempted from that very mandate.

This proves yet again that the people who lost their jobs, or clout, or professional standing, fighting for a cause bigger than themselves — individual liberty — were right once again.

And the tyrants were wrong. All wrong.


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