Portland Children's Hospital Gives Kids Tips on 'Tucking' and Sex Shops

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When captains of industry and the biggest names in sports and tech signed on to support Oregon’s beloved Doernbecher (pronounced DORN-becker) Children’s Hospital, they probably didn’t think they were underwriting efforts to give minor children advice on sneaking into adult sex shops.


Though sex shops are as plentiful in Oregon as Starbucks and 7-Eleven stores due to Oregon’s elastic free speech law that puts live sex acts on par with political debates, it’s assumed that giving children access to sex shops was not part of the Doernbecher deal when it first took effect.

And yet, here we are.

Comes now the news that Doernbecher has been giving sex pointers to kids who are sexually confused. Seldom do you find a small child who thinks often about sex or finds him or herself confused about it, but doggone it, Doernbecher is here to help.

Doernbecher, an institution that one assumes believes in science, states its only stance on gender questions is to “affirm” the sexuality of a child we’ve been told is inherently “confused” about sexuality.

“As part of its mission to ensure the health and well-being of all patients, Oregon Health & Science University proudly offers gender-affirming health care to patients of all ages, including children and adolescents,” the hospital’s parent organization said to TND in a statement. “Providers follow established, evidence-based medical standards, and employ a thoughtful, multidisciplinary process that involves both patients and their support systems.


The hospital that treats children with dire medical needs like cancer treatments now supplies the full gamut of sex-change surgeries and medical interventions, including puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and gender-affirming surgeries “that involves both patients and their support systems” (emphasis added). Parents aren’t mentioned.

The hospital offers a way for underaged, “confused,” and easily suggestible children to get dress-up clothes for aspiring drag queens … at an adult sex store.

“In the Portland area … is a sex-positive shop … . They sell gender-affirming clothing items as well as sex toys, videos, and more. The shop is for people age 18 and older, but they offer appointments before or after hours for younger shoppers. You can schedule an appointment by calling them or emailing.” Emphasis added.

Is sexualizing children now part of the Doernbecher portfolio? If so, they might want to mention it on their IRS 990 forms or their website, so all those unsuspecting doyennes who might be thinking of leaving their fortunes to the hospital know that it will go toward encouraging inappropriate sexual behavior for children without their parents’ knowledge. Just a thought.

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And then there’s the Doernbecher how-to guide for children on “tucking” male genitalia to make the child look more like a girl when in drag.

The children’s hospital also provides tips on “taping the penis and scrotum,” “putting your testicles inside your body,” and “where to buy tucking clothing,” and recommends an Etsy shop that sells tucking attire for “children.”

Any way you tuck it, it sounds painful.

The tips go on: “Press gently on your testicles … you should not feel faint or nauseated or have extreme pain. If you do, take a break and try again later.” And the following tip is included: “If you find yourself getting aroused, take a break and try again later. An erection will make it impossible to tuck.”

Gee, thanks for the tip.

Sinclair Broadcasting’s TND received a comment from the hospital, and officials said they were very proud of its “gender-affirming health care to patients of all ages, including children and adolescents.” The statement continued that it’s all based on science-y science in “a thoughtful, multidisciplinary process that involves both patients and their support systems.”


It also said that “medical interventions are not provided for children,” but considering that the children’s hospital’s previous statements said the advice was for children, it’s unclear what their definition of “children” is.

According to the hospital’s Form 990, it has received about $90 million in state support since 2014. Now, that’s a lot of taxpayer money.


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