Zelenskyy Can't Trust the U.S.

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy used every rhetorical trope he could think of to convince Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the rest of Congress to “close the skies” over Ukraine in a moving speech on Wednesday.


He may as well have whispered into the wind if he expects to get lasting help from these callow U.S. leaders.

Pelosi, the House leadership, and senators stood and clapped like trained seals with their whitened perma-smiles as President Zelenskyy appeared via video on Wednesday morning. Zelenskyy effectively invoked Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and summoned memories of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 to get a no-fly zone over his land. The U.S. has sent all manner of anti-aircraft missiles and by the end of the week will have sent nearly $2 billion to help Ukraine.

Screenshot from YouTube/C-SPAN

There’s much I don’t understand about the longstanding animosity between “Mother Russia” and the strong-willed and independent Ukrainians. We can all agree, however, that raining bombs down on kids, babies, mothers, and hospitals should stop.

I’ve got acquaintances — fellow pilgrims — in Ukraine. These people are dodging bombs. Civilians are making plans to blow up bridges should Putin’s forces get too close. They’re armed with Kalashnikovs and know how to use them. A citizen-soldier must make the agonizing decision of whom among his little-trained comrades to send to the front. For those not actively fighting, each moment is another agonizing task. How to get bread and potatoes to people who need food. Whose palm must be greased to get a bus? The logistics are endless. Every day. Hours. Are my people safe? Where can we pray together? Do we dare? Listen to my recent interview with Pastor Anatoly Khaluzny to get some idea of how grave his situation is and gain an insight into his fight and faith.


The question of whether it should be up to the U.S. to “close up the skies” at this point is beside the point.

Nobody trusts President Joe Biden and these congressional leaders, least of all their constituents.

Why would he trust these leaders who stood by as Joe Biden bugged out of Afghanistan leaving behind thousands of Americans and those with special visas and who left billions of dollars worth of equipment and an airbase?

What a disgusting, national disgrace.

Why trust a man who indicated he’d do nothing if Vladimir Putin engaged in a “minor incursion” just weeks ago?

Why would Zelenskyy trust a president and congressional leadership who beg oil from the world’s despots — Russia, Venezuelan dictators, and “death to America” mullahs — to get the oil his own country could supply? He’s more afraid of AOC than of the ayatollah.

What unserious, cowardly nonsense.

Why would Zelenskyy trust a president who cares more about lining his own pockets from Ukraine and Chinese billionaires than doing the business of the people he was elected to represent? What would Joe Biden want in return for other people’s money this time? Another public official fired at whim because he’s investigating Biden’s son’s company?

Why would he trust a political party who gave no help to four CIA paramilitary operators fending off a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11? Who then lied and jailed an innocent man as a cover story?


Why would he trust leadership that routinely depicts their political opposition as no better than Hitler? Who tells their friends to go “get in their faces” and get a mob together?

Who trusts a leader who imprisons political opponents without charges while labeling them terrorists? Who could trust such a man and this collective bunch of cowards?

Can he really trust these leaders to stay the course when they have so little respect for their own country that they leave their borders open for anyone to come in?

Why could you even trust people who can no longer believe and trust in the institutions these “leaders” have allowed to decay from their corruption?

Why believe this spiritually and morally bankrupt bunch who have monetarily brought their own country to near bankruptcy?

Zelenskyy should take our Joe-Biden-inflated dollars to the bank, but not his promises.


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