Unbelievable: 'Education' Group's Agitprop Video Shows White Cracker 'Karen' Whipping Black Kids

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“This is the craziest propaganda that I’ve ever seen in my life,” said cultural commentator and former cop Brandon Tatum, as he watched a video about a whip-cracking Karen produced by an “education” group called Generation Hope.


When you see it you’ll understand why.

The video depicts a white woman, named Karen naturally, approaching two black teens playing basketball at a local playground. Karen approaches the teens, pulls a bullwhip from her ample purse, and begins cracking it at the kids. Yes, you read that right.

But it gets worse.

When a wheelchair-bound teen says he won’t leave, Cracker Karen begins whipping him and calling him “boy.” Because that’s what happens in the United States of America in 2020 and everything. (See the video below.)

What is this anachronistic, antebellum South depiction of life in America for minority kids trying to teach? Apparently, the lesson is that white people are racist crackers.

Who is producing this dreck? Well, it turns out that the list is long and distinguished.

The board of directors of this group, which originally was established to help pregnant teens and young mothers navigate college, is made up of some of America’s big shots. The board vice president is Aaron Kissell, who’s the general manager of The Wall Street Journal franchise. The board president is Karen Nussle, the CEO of a communications company. She’s joined by the VP of public affairs, read lobbyist, for the Washington, D.C. fixers SKDKnickerbocker. There’s a senior vice president of a small college on the board, and the chief of staff to the CEO of Pepco Holdings. Real estate, law, and financial equity organizations are well represented on the board as well, including a honcho at Ernst & Young LLP.


The board members, many of whom are people of color, all appear to be old enough to know better than to peddle this offensive pap.

Because Tatum, a popular former cop, has a huge following on social media, the offensive video was disappeared as fast as you can say “agitprop.” But Tatum’s take on the video remains; it includes most of the offensive material (see below).

Comments on the now-disappeared YouTube video were peppered with laughter emojis and dripping with disgust at this propaganda. “As a real black man from the south, whose lineage goes back in this country for about 300 years and whose ancestors went through slavery and Jim Crow,” one commenter said, “this is the most comical and inauthentic portrayal of racism I’ve ever seen in film.”

Another wrote, “what would you do if you ever saw anyone being treated like this? Nothing, because I will NEVER see anyone treated like this.”

Though this video is disappeared on the group’s YouTube page, there’s plenty more cringe where that came from. We happily discovered that the so-called education group has an entire TikTok catalog of some of the most spectacularly cliched and disgusting videos remaining on its social media pages.

In the following offering, white Karen calls the cops on black kids for selling water at the neighborhood park.


PT.7 ( Swipe For Pt 8 ) · Karen Calls Cops On Black Kids Selling Water · #generationhope#fyp #lifelessons

♬ original sound – generationhope


Here’s one of another white Karen, minus a cracker, mocking a homeless beggar.


PT 2 (swipe for PT 3) • Karen Shames Homeless Man • #fyp #generationhope

♬ original sound – generationhope

There are videos depicting body shaming, workaholic white fathers, absentee black fathers, evil foster parents, and many other topics.

The group reported $1.7 million in assets in 2020 and received $156,000 in government COVID “paycheck protection” funding. Much of this video dreck is paid for with grants and contributions.

Generation Hope is a decentralized organization with groups throughout the country. Only one is scored by Charity Navigator. The Washington, D.C. core group received a “passing” score on financial accountability.

Here’s “The Officer Tatum’s” takedown of this video. It is nothing less than delicious.

I’m sure we’ll have some big laughs over this when he is a guest on my podcast next week.


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