The Left Calls for Tossing NBC's Chuck Todd Off Nakatomi Plaza Again

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There’s a phenomenon that happens every once in a while in the media. It usually comes right before an election, but it also happens when there’s a dawning realization that there’s no there there, as when Jon Stewart told his comrades they were stupid for denying the COVID lab leak origin story. Some reporters who cling to their COVID and religion flail like the acrobat who reaches for the next silk rope, catches air, and falls to ignominy. Like Jennifer Rubin.


We saw this with Trump-Russia and so it is now with the COVID mask and vax efficacy and Joe Biden’s competence. The narratives are falling harder than Hans Gruber from Nakatomi Plaza.

Enter Chuck Todd, of NBC’s Meet the Press. He’s been busy blowing up the air mattresses to soften the blow for the inevitable narrative fail. So that means he might be telling the truth about some of this stuff. It’s why Leftists are caterwauling at him and urging people to switch him off. Or hurl him from Nakatomi Plaza as well.

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Over at the singe Left “Palmer Report,” True Believers were getting slapped around for “complaining about how awful Chuck Todd’s latest show is” and then castigated for still “WATCHING HIM.” The tweet lectures, “he still hits his ratings marks if you’re all hate-watching him. Stop watching him and NBC will have to get rid of him!”

What’s the beef exactly?

“Chuck Todd is blaming President Biden for the lack of ‘bipartisanship’ in the Senate,” writes Jack Cocchiarella. He then states that Chuck fell down on the job for failing “to mention the 50 Republican Senators blocking voting rights” and then asks plaintively, “How does Chuck Todd still have a job?”


Oh, the angst over Chuck Todd.

Sure, they seem normal.

“A sincere plead [sic] to just stop watching Chuck Todd,” writes another.

Chuck’s been targeted by his buddies on the Left before. The NBC anchor, whose wife was a 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign adviser, was targeted during the 2016 election, before the 2018 midterm elections, before the 2020 election, and now, as Democrats are looking at a change election the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1994. They’re panicking.

Apparently, Chuck’s not carrying enough of their water.

In October, angry people on social media sent the hashtag #FireChuckTodd trending because NBC put President Trump on a notoriously one-sided town hall helmed by Chuck and Savannah Guthrie at the same time a town hall for Joe Biden was aired on ABC.


Chuck’s recent show featured his own lamentation about Biden’s “troubled presidency” and the obvious observation that “things look worse” now in the U.S. than they did during the Trump presidency. The show featured the Hitler of the 2012 election, Senator Mitt Romney, disgorging the list of dumb things President Biden has done from Afghanistan to COVID to Nord Stream II to inflation to the fact that Americans “are 7% poorer now because of Biden inflation. Gasoline prices are, what, 50% higher than they were when he took office. The border is a mess. Covid was resurgent, but he didn’t have [in] place the tests people needed to keep themselves safe. And then, of course, there was the disaster in Afghanistan. Russia’s now threatening Ukraine. Things are not going well.”

And just like that #FireChuckTodd started popping up on the Twitters.

If it’s Sunday, it’s time to fire Chuck.

And on it goes. Look, this is an abject lesson about what happens when things are so dire even Chuck Todd can’t lie about it anymore. But the Left isn’t satisfied that NBC News, a network that features Rachel Maddow and the Morning Joe clan, can’t hide the big lie about what’s happening in the country. They aren’t satisfied with NBC News’ attempts to deflect attention from what real Americans think of Joe Biden and the state of the country.


The narratives are falling.

The Left’s answer is to chuck Todd right out the window just like Hans Gruber off Nakatomi Plaza.


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