West Coast, Messed Coast: Plastic Banana New Year's Edition

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Hello, West Coast Messed Coasters. It’s an all-too-familiar scene. First, they came for your paper bags to save the trees. Then they came for the plastic bags to save … plastic? Then they came for the lighter plastic bags made out of throw-away gas that otherwise would have gone into the atmosphere. Then they called them “single-use” to demonize them. Now we’re back to heavy plastic bags with super special ingredients that have been recycled from plastic bottles and other items.


Now California wants to kill the plastic bottles that help make plastic bags by making them more expensive.

Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast Plastic Banana New Year’s Edition.

Why not invoke my talk radio Godfather, Rush Limbaugh’s, “plastic banana” name for all things fake?

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Take this, for example.

Stephen Frank  writes that a new tax on plastic bottles will make many products more expensive in the name of … what, exactly?

Sacramento Democrats decided that ALL plastic bottles after January 1 must include 15% or more of recycled material. Since a lot of the bottles come from other States, this will affect folks everywhere in the country.

“All bottled water, sodas, and sports drinks in plastic bottles sold in the state, regardless of their manufacturing origins, must meet recycled content standards, or manufacturers will face fines. Monetary penalties will then be put into the state’s Recycling Enhancement Penalty Account to support the collection and processing of plastic drink bottles.

Sounds like a perpetual feedback loop of grift. Well, their slogan is “reduce, recycle, reuse,” after all.

About that Washington state Democrat bill to reduce the penalties for drive-by shooters in the name of equity, as I reported on PJ Media earlier this week.


Currently, Washington law holds that a drive-by shooter should get an aggravated enhancement if he is arrested and prosecuted—and that’s a big if. Such an enhancement could land a drive-by murderer a life prison sentence.

But under a bill proposed for the upcoming Washington state legislature by white, woke ex-con state Rep. Tarra Simmons and her co-sponsor David Hackney, the reduction in penalties is a move toward “racial equity.” That’s right, drive-by shooting prosecutorial outcomes are racist. Never mind all the black and brown people who are the disproportionate victims of drive-by shootings.

The brother of a victim of a drive-by murder would like those numbnuts who proffered this bill to know that his family’s life has been devastated by the loss of this family member. He re-read his victim impact statement for Twitter.

This brings us to the front door of the Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia. It’s locked to certain unwoke lawmakers, as you may recall.


Republican House member Jim Walsh tried to use his key card to get into his Capitol office and discovered he’d been banished to the basin of the unwashed because he refuses to get Governor Jay Inslee’s COVID shot.

Walsh has introduced two bills to stop Inslee and key Democrats from keeping lawfully elected representatives from their constitutionally ordained jobs of representing Washingtonians, noting that “the timeless truth articulated by James Otis’ great American axiom that taxation without representation is tyranny.”

He’s not tilting at windmills; he’s got a big legal point here because, the last time he checked, there are open meetings laws that must be observed, and preventing people from accessing them based on privileged medical status is illegal. In fact, it’s against the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Plus, wasn’t segregation outlawed? Coulda sworn I read about that somewhere.

Americans Had Their ‘Personhood’ Stolen From Them Even Before COVID. Here’s How.


In Oregon, the leadership is shoveling it. No, not the snow, which has fallen in measurable amounts, but the COVID nonsense, as this Twitter user pointed out.

And finally, look what Uncle Ron sent me for Christmas.

Very thotty.

Till next time.


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