Mr. President: CALL OFF YOUR MOB

AP Photo/Morry Gash

The mob beats its drums and screams on amplified bullhorns outside the courthouse that Kyle Rittenhouse should be strung up or else. Counter-protesters scream through amplified bullhorns that “it’s legal to defend yourself” and “Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent.” Fists are flying. It’s getting nasty outside the Kenosha County Courthouse as police arrests attest, but there’s only one side that will set the town on fire.

We know because they already did it. In Kenosha. In August of 2020.

It’s Joe Biden’s side.

Mr. President: Call off your mob.

The mob is threatening to do it again if the jury doesn’t send Kyle Rittenhouse to prison for shooting their heroes last year: a serial child rapist, a revolutionary professional mobster illegally packing a gun, and a man who strangled and tried to burn up his family.

It’s tragic anyone died on Aug. 25, 2020.

But last year you said they were “peaceful protesters.

Why didn’t you demand that they stand down last year? President Trump did. Oh, yes he did.

You can make up for your previous lie and denounce them now.

Call off your mob.

Of course, Rittenhouse didn’t know that at the time. He was just fighting off potentially deadly attacks by men who had already beaten people to a pulp that night and in the days prior.

Instead of calling the men who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse heroes or denouncing the 17-year-old as a “white supremacist” and your Vice President sending the revolutionary communist mob burning down cities bail money, you could demand the mob gathering outside an American courthouse again to go home. Maybe your House Speaker can send her private police to stop them.

They’re your people, Mr. President. Call off your mob.

Kyle Rittenhouse complied with a request to help people protect their businesses that night. He brought his medic bag to help people.

Your mob set fires and beat people within an inch of their lives who protected their businesses in August of 2020.

Now they threaten to do it again because, as the old revolutionary threat goes, “no justice, no peace.” They want Kyle Rittenhouse locked in a box for defending himself against three grown men who attacked him. Did you watch your show trial? It was there for you to see.

The mob already has gotten the political show trial they demanded. Now empowered, they demand the verdict, however unjust, in order to get another scalp. They missed with Zimmerman. They almost got Darren Wilson, who’s still in hiding. They got Chauvin. And they want Rittenhouse. No justice, no peace.

In normal times Kyle Rittenhouse would not have been subjected to a political show trial. But here we are.

Even ice cream makers demand he be locked up. No justice, no ice cream.

It brings us to why we’re here today — waiting for a verdict in the trial of a teenager who had to fight off a mob on Aug. 25, 2020.

The Left can’t have someone defend himself against their revolutionary mob and survive.

American justice demands a fair trial. Rittenhouse didn’t get one of those. The mob doesn’t care.

But you should, Mr. President.

Call off your mob.


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