Amid Already 'Catastrophic Shortages,' Oregon Nurses Get Ready to Walk Over Forced Covid Vaccines

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

In August, Oregon Governor Kate Brown ordered all state employees and health care workers to get a Covid shot by October 18 or lose their jobs. Thinking she was done and dusted with the issue, the woman, who always has men with guns flanking her, couldn’t countenance anyone defying her.


Indeed, some of her own men with guns in the Oregon State Police troopers are suing Brown over forced vaccines. Brown apparently didn’t bank on lawsuits, sickouts, and blowback from real people who either don’t want, trust, or need the shot.

Worse, now she has exacerbated an already “historic and catastrophic” nursing shortage problem due in part to her tyrannical, illiberal orders.

Nurses have either walked out or been fired over Brown’s Covid shot mandate.

From KGW TV:

While [Oregon Nurses Association (union) board president Lynda] Pond said more than 90% of ONA nurses are vaccinated, in recent weeks large health care systems like Kaiser Permanente and Legacy Health have put thousands of staff across the country on leave because of they don’t want to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“85% of the nurses at OHSU have indicated that they are unable to use vacation time or take a mental health day because there are not enough nurses to cover for those requests. 92% of nurses at OHSU report experiencing mental exhaustion,” said Calzia.

Perhaps the most concerning statistic, Calzia said, was that 60% of OHSU’s nurses are considering leaving the profession. He said that percentage is reflected at the national and state levels too.

“Losing even a single nurse from the bedside will result in greater strain on our health care system,” said ONA board president Lynda Pond.


Two things are going on here in the commie red state. The ONA is downplaying the number of Oregon nurses walking out and citing national figures so as not to show up their best friend at Mahonia Hall. Secondly, they’re trying to squeeze the state for more money and concessions during a pandemic.

But they’re also sounding the alarm that nurses are leaving due to her mandates.

No matter how you interpret it, that’s bad PR for Kate Brown.

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