Gavin Newsom Blames Everyone Else for His Recall. Here Are 100 Reasons That Might Jog His Memory.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall on September 14 and the more desperate he gets,  the lower he goes to save himself. Odds are 50-50 that Newsom will survive. It’s not a good place to be for an incumbent. Newsom and his supporters hope to distract from the copious reasons that Californians signed the recall petition to get rid of him.


Union bosses, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley are flooding money into marketing, direct mail, online ads, terrestrial radio, TV, and making sure that Google puts Newsom’s “Stop the Recall” campaign website at the top of the page for Newsom-related search inquiries.

The way Newsom has used the power of his office to save his own hide helps explain why at least 1.7 million Californians of all political backgrounds want him gone.

The governor’s campaign has attempted to tar recall proponents, including Democrats, independents, Libertarians, and Republicans, as “radical, right-wing,” “anti-vaxxers,” “QAnon conspiracy theorists,” and racists, who “could threaten California’s efforts to fight COVID-19.” We don’t know what that means but oooh, scary!

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Newsom got his minions to speed up the election timeline to make it harder for opponents to fundraise and campaign. He extended his emergency powers to change California elections again – as he did in the 2020 election – to send mass numbers of mail-in ballots to registered voters. I’m still a registered voter and I moved a year ago. Dead people are on the list. The state allows ballot-harvesting by strangers.

Newsom acolytes have filed a lawsuit to throw out the election in federal court, encouraged by the head of the UC Berkeley law school, a fellow traveler.

The muckraking is in full gear by the pliant Democrat press. The Los Angeles Times reports that Libertarian challenger Larry Elder is a white supremacist. Elder is black. The same paper also erroneously reported that Elder hadn’t made certain financial disclosures when he had, according to colleague Jennifer Van Laar of Red State. State officials are investigating. Sure.


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Laughably, at the same time they’re stepping up “investigations” into their political opponent, the Democrat supermajorities in the state legislature announced they would wait to investigate the multi-billion dollars in fraud at the state’s Employment Development Department (EDD) until after the recall election. Can’t have bad news making your guy look bad.

While Newsom wants to depict recall fans as QAnon anti-vaxxers, there is a multitude of reasons that would rise to the level of a recall. The recall campaign has produced a video with 100 reasons for the recall, but I’ll start you off with just the top 10. (Note: Google has covered the video with a restriction warning, so you’ll have to click through to YouTube if you want to see it. It pays to have friends in Silicon Valley to stop people from watching a video, doesn’t it?)


1.Water. California has gone in and out of droughts from time immemorial. Newsom’s done little to nothing to build more reservoirs. Farmers producing America’s food supply are put behind the water needs of junk fish.

2. Fires. Blaming PG & E for fires when the government has direct and powerful oversight over utilities looks dumb. Environmentalists are just fine with those birds and fish burning up and C02 released into the air in raging wildfires that could have been avoided with forest management. What’s Newsom done about it? Nothing.


3. Housing. State regulations, such as energy mandates, help make housing prices unaffordable. He’s done nothing to ameliorate this issue except to offer free housing for junkies.

4. Inviting homelessness. Democrats encourage more homelessness by inviting the drug-addicted and mentally ill to come to the state to sleep on the street or in a car, in free housing, and collect their government check. “Smoke your rent, live in a tent,” is the zeitgeist. Venice Beach is disgusting. Don’t walk on the sand.

This maskless Democrat fundraiser versus the homeless camps sums up where California is going sociologically. It may get to the point where it’s between forever apartment dwellers and tent cities and the French Laundry crowd.

5. Schools. Newsom sent his own children to in-person, private learning while keeping California schools closed. Teachers’ unions are running the schools and the eunuch governor won’t countermand them or fight for the kids. The unions repaid Newsom handsomely by giving nearly $2 million to his fight-the-recall campaign.

6. Emptying jails and prisons due to “Covid.”

7. EDD scandal. Prisoners, foreign nationals, and other disqualified people signed up and got billions in Covid unemployment funds with no accountability.

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8. Newsom awarded political insiders who gave him campaign donations fat no-bid contracts.

9. Newsom twice got ripped off in multi-billion-dollar deals for Covid masks … from China.

10. Who turned off the lights? Newsom and his cronies have spent billions trying to convert California to “green energy.” That’s resulted in brownouts and demands to turn off AC in 100-degree-plus weather. It turns out that the windmills require wind and solar panels don’t work at night. And now Newsom wants more electric cars. Where will they get the energy to run those again?

California needs help. This recall is a step in the right direction.



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