West Coast, Messed Coast Wrap-Up: Who's the Bigger Tyrant?

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Misery loves company. Welcome to the first Friday-the-13th edition of the West Coast, Messed Coast report, where governors at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic decided to work in lockstep with each other. They’ve been vying for the title of most tyrannical and clueless governor ever since.


Take West Coast Governor Gavin Newsom, for example – please. The California governor just issued a milder “jab job” pronouncement – get the jab or the job gets it – for teachers. Don’t get excited. Governor Hair Gel, the great white hope for the 2024 presidential contest, isn’t tossing his biggest campaign donors under the yellow short bus. Teachers can either get the COVID shot or undergo testing. He’s hoping that this diktat will curry favor with the wildly angry parents who are upset that their kids have been out of the classroom for the better part of the last two years because Newsom has let teachers shut down in-person learning. This, while he’s chosen, as if from the ala carte menu at the French Laundry, private schools for his children.

Waiter: Vat vood choo vish to enjoy today, sir?

Newsom: I’ll take an open school, sports programs, and no teachers’ unions on the side, please.

Newsom previously laid down the Delta variant gauntlet so that now large employers are insisting employees give up their bodily integrity and get an experimental shot or their job gets it.

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I got a note from a medical professional in Marin County on Friday in response to my piece about fighting tyrannical coronavirus diktats. Even medical professionals – people who ought to know better – are taking a jab-job approach, thus culling the herd of those buck-wild free-thinkers.


[I was ]recently was asked to fill out an exemption form (Medical or Religious) since, in their records, I had not been vaccinated. They stated I needed to send in my form or be vaccinated by August 9th. I filled out my religious exemption form (I’m a practicing Catholic) and was denied. Since I was denied, in their email response, I am either to be vaccinated by August 23rd or my position will be terminated. How fair is this? I never imagined being terminated from a position for unjust reasons not related to my performance or professionalism or the like…it hurts but it also shows me we need to fight back. Stand up!! FIght!!

Thank you so much for your article!!

You’re welcome. I wish I could save your job for you, but that knowledgeable medical research scientist, Gavin Newsom, has determined you can’t keep your job unless you do what he says.

Which brings us to the governor’s job. It turns out that he may not be able to keep his, either.

Newsom is being recalled, as you may have heard. The recall election is set for September 14. Voters can vote yes to recall and then select their favorite candidate to replace Newsom on the same ballot. It turns out that attorney and conservative radio talk host Larry Elder – “The Sage From South Central” – leads in the polls for his replacement.

As Elder noted on Twitter, this left Newsom positively wild-eyed, as seen in this bizarre interview showing a reporter asking him actual questions. Govy don’t play that.


Joe Biden has just given Newsom his fulsome support, just like he heaped encomiums on Andrew Cuomo after he was hounded out of office for being the “Luv Guv.”

Maybe it’s an omen.

The last time the political atmosphere was so fraught was when Arnold Schwarzenegger won the governor’s mansion as a Republican and then ruled like the guy he replaced, Gray Davis. Schwarzenegger was in the news this week explicating on Covid shots, declaring, dammit: “Screw your freedom,” get a shot!

You can take the kid out of Austria …

Moving up the coast to another place the Left has ruined with their politics, Oregon, is in the throes of another crackdown on freedoms. Delta! Delta! Delta! Cases! Cases! Cases!

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And because of Covid, Governor Kate Brown moved stealthily to change graduation requirements for Oregon kids until 2027. As our PJ Media colleague Rick Moran pointed out, the new standards, codifying the current ridiculously low Covid standards, don’t require students to read, write, or compute to graduate high school.



The governor’s spokesman said they are lowering standards for “equity.”

“[The] new graduation standards will benefit “Oregon’s Black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.”

“Leaders from those communities have advocated time and again for equitable graduation standards, along with expanded learning opportunities and supports,” Boyle wrote.

So proud of this “equity” accomplishment was Governor Brown that she signed the bill in secret and didn’t put it into the public record for days in hopes of deking out the local news sleuths.

When Oregon isn’t torching its graduation requirements, police union hall, or letting its poorly-managed forests burst into flames, its main town, Portland, is bursting into violence.

Last weekend I reported that a church event on Portland’s waterfront was literally attacked by black bloc outfitted antifa terrorists. They sprayed the participants, including children, with chemical spray, tossed IEDs, and threw the group’s sound equipment into the Willamette River, like the little communists they are.

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The event advertised the persecuted firebrand Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, who’s gone to jail for trying to keep the church open during the pandemic.

Where is your God, now?” taunted a black-bloc-clad terrorist.


It’s a hate crime, of course, but the disastrous Multnomah County District Attorney won’t be charging his ideological brethren with an actual crime.

In Washington, the hapless Jay Inslee – Lawd, how did this guy get elected? – is busy trying to put 150-year-old farms out of business by stealing their water to give over to developers.

Bi-Zi farms of Clark County, Wash., may have to close its 150-year-old thriving direct farm business because the well on their land is being expropriated by “ecology” workers with zee state to give over to developers, according to owners, Bill and Peggy Zimmerman.

The berry-picking, pumpkin farmers are fighting back, but it’s an uphill battle.

See that old guy in that photo below? Yeah, that’s great-gramps in 1872, according to the farm’s Facebook page.

So, what is the picture for you might ask? Well, that’s just my great-grandfather, E. G. Zimmerman shocking wheat in the field that is now the parking lot east of our store… And the arrow? The arrow is pointing to the windmill that sat atop the well. The same well that we irrigate from today.
Next year will be 150 years of our family’s history in Clark County and we are asking for your help so that we can continue to farm here for 150 more.


Meanwhile, in that other West Coast big city, Seattle, the far, far-Left city council, which has done nothing but hate on the police, is now blaming the acting police chief for the mass exodus of cops.

Some 300 cops have left the job since Mayor Jenny Durkan’s “summer of love” CHAZ/CHOP debacle – including the former chief.

Seattle radio talk host Jason Rantz reports the “deployable staff number is lowest its been since the 1980s.”

The violent crime rate is up in inverse proportion to the police’s ability to do their job.

Till next time.


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