Free Speech? Trans City Councilor Confronts Crusty Shop Owner Over a Sign in His Shop. Now Antifa's Involved.

You may remember Aberdeen, Washington. It’s the small, working-class town where Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain came up. The coastal town of 20,000 is populated by people who get their hands dirty by fishing and logging. And it’s where Vietnam vet Don Sucher has run his Star Wars shop for more than 20 years.


Sucher, a crusty shop owner with a salty mouth, was confronted by a local city councilor, Tiesa Meri Meskis, born a man but who now identifies as a woman, over a sign in Sucher’s shop window.

“If You Were Born With a Dick, You’re Not a Chick,” the sign reads, in part.

Store owner’s sign. Image from Twitter.

Emboldened by the current corrosive zeitgeist of threats and intimidation to achieve political goals, Meskis barged into Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop on Wednesday to video her planned confrontation with the elderly shop owner.

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Meskis screamed at the shop owner, chanting for five minutes that “trans women are women” and Sucher wasn’t having it. Before he told the much larger council member to take the shrieking outside, he said she was “nuts,” “you don’t look like a woman,” and “you’re not a woman.”

The councilor berated the sign and accused the shop owner of being a bigot.


Sucher later told a curious reporter from Seattle’s KING 5 News that he didn’t care about the council member’s feelings because the sign is so popular with the locals: “I don’t give a f**k about feelings anymore. I went to Vietnam to fight for all this sh*t. Do you think I care about some a**hole’s feeling? Absolutely not!

Though the shout fest appears to have been a planned stunt to embarrass Sucher and hurt his business, the council member later told KING 5 News that she did it to teach him to be compassionate for people like her.

Meskis told King 5 News that “we are who we are and we all want to be accepted in our community,” though she doesn’t accept him.

And now antifa’s involved. KING 5 News reports that the council member called in allies to protest the store on Saturday morning.

The council member identifies with antifa, hashtagging a salty Twitter post with #antifascist.


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Sucher says she went about it the wrong way: “I don’t care what they do, but don’t come in here and complain to me about stuff. I have free speech,” he told a reporter.

But does he, really?

“A direct action against the shop on Saturday morning” is antifa-speak for “we’re going to mess you up.” Think Portland and Seattle. The local chapter of antifa said they’d be standing by to teach that old guy a lesson for exercising his free speech rights.

When the crusty vet said he’d have some friends of his own to protect him, they supposedly backed off.


Andy Ngo, who monitors antifa accounts on Twitter – yes, they’re still up and tweeting – discovered that the direct action has been postponed.

Doxing, ratio-ing, giving bad reviews are already underway by antifa’s keyboard warriors against Sucher’s shop.

Stay tuned. This isn’t over.


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