'They're Trying to Kill Me.' A Portland Antifa Death Squad Goes Head Hunting for Andy Ngo and Somebody Gets a Beatdown

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Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address, “don’t be afraid to see what you see.” That’s good advice for what we’re “seeing” on the streets of Portland.


The communist antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc. mobs have now elevated their war footing against western civilization and have begun deploying head hunting death squads it appears. What else can you call it?

On Friday, May 28, the usual black masked mobs slithered “like water” – their favorite phrase for staying hidden and moving from cops  – to hold another planned riot and torching in “grief-stricken” homage to the anniversary of their George Floyd riots.

Antifa called it an “anniversary event” and Portland Police begged the mob to be nice.

Local weekly newspaper, Willamette Week, reported that Ngo was on the antifa hit list because of his “willingness to post the mug shots and other personal information of arrested protesters [that] caused many of the people in Portland’s leftist movement to see him as something like an existential threat.”

Remember when newspapers used to post mug shots? Before the mob take over, antifa and BLM riots mug shots were de rigueur in the media. Now, they’re an apparent invitation to beating any reporter including them in a story.  Reporters like Suzette Smith of Willamette Week and at least one reporter over at the alternative weekly The Mercury appear to be all-in with the mob.


Ngo writes in his book,Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” that a Mercury reporter put out intel on where he was located during a riot presumably so the mob could find him and beat him like they had before.

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Willamette Week reporter Suzette Smith, who deserves special “honors” here, reported that “Ngo is the nation’s most prominent media detractor of Portland’s anti-fascist movement.” [emphasis added]

I’ll provide a translation: anything other than worshipful coverage of antifa detracts from their sainthood status and will result in a beating.

And so it was on Friday night.

Friday’s march concluded around 11:30 pm without much fanfare. Word began to spread that Ngo was in the crowd—disguised and wearing a Black Lives Matter flag around his shoulders.

A group of five to 10 people in identity-obscuring clothing called “black bloc” followed the person they suspected of being Ngo for blocks, inquiring who he was. At one point, the person they pursued said his name was Jake. In front of the AC Marriott, the group tried to unmask the unknown man. He ran for blocks until someone in the pursuing group tackled him—at Southwest 4th Avenue and Morrison Street—and punched him several times after his head hit the brick sidewalk.

A nearby man holding a skateboard admonished the group, saying that their quarry looked like he’d “had enough.” However, when someone nearby shouted that the person they were assaulting was Ngo, the skateboard-carrying man changed his attitude, swearing and joining the group.

When the fleeing man took shelter in The Nines, he appeared to be pleading with staff. “They’re going to kill me,” he said.

At midnight, Portland police arrived at The Nines on bicycles, along with a riot van, and made at least one arrest. As of Saturday morning, police had not released any information on the incident.

Police withdrew from the scene, but used their sound truck to warn the crowd: “Anyone who is not a guest of The Nines may not enter the hotel. Do not enter or damage The Nines hotel property.…Move away from The Nines hotel now.” [emphasis added]


Ngo’s Twitter timeline has been dark since the incident.

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The paper for which he’s an editor, The Post Millennial, put out a speculative piece about how the victim may have been Ngo, but how it’s unclear.

The Portland Police, aided by DHS officers (they’re back!), responded to the beating by the smaller break away antifa group, have been oddly quiet about the incident. There reportedly was one arrest. They have not put out any more information about the incident, nor have they identified the victim of the beating. The hotel, hosting the Denver Nuggets NBA team in town for a game against the Blazers, was surrounded by police and closed off for a time.

The local press reported that “local disruptions are a reality of NBA travel,” as if antifa riots and beating the doors in of their hotel was really no big deal.

My, how norms have changed.

Ngo did not respond to my requests for comment over the weekend and again on Monday.

Antifa apologists were in fine form, getting close up photos of someone who looks like Ngo, and mocking and scoffing at him, plus providing tips on how to best be an ally by not talking to police.


It’s unclear if this was an actual photo of Ngo from the night in question, but it brought a gleeful response from this “journalist’s” Twitter followers.

This “reporter” also assured her readers that “Andy was totally fine,” as if beating and bashing his head – which antifa has done to him before – is no big deal. That ambulance was just a “smokescreen,” she knowingly advised.

Antifa and their BLM brethren have stepped up their depraved attacks on Portlanders who have every right to expect to be safe in their own city.

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Antifa and BLM began their attacks in Portland in 2016 by attacking Mike Strickland, a YouTuber and reporter, who posted videos of them on his Laughing at Liberals channel.

The first attack on Ngo occurred two years later. The beating by antifa and BLM mob members sent Ngo to the hospital with a brain injury.

In September 2020 an armed “antifa security” lay in wait for a conservative Trump supporter and assassinated him at point blank range on the streets of downtown.

A reminder now that antifa and BLM tried to do the same to Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin during riots there. Rittenhouse was armed, though, and killed two of his armed attackers and wounded another.

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On May 5, antifa and BLM held armed check points, like you see Al Qaeda and ISIS do, and beat people who dared try to drive on their streets. They were armed with AK 47s and AR-15s. One of the victims was sent to a trauma unit and told PJ Media “I thought I was going to die.” A man who beat him used the “George Floyd hold” on him by putting his knee on his neck according to the victim. Another man was beaten and his car tires were flattened so he couldn’t escape the mob.

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As Ngo points out in his book and as James O’Keefe discovered in his undercover reporting of Rose City Antifa in Portland, the groups train in tactics and weapons.

When Reagan said “don’t be afraid to see what you see” in 1989, he said it of the behavior of the Soviet Union’s communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev and how, though there were thawing relations between the nations, it was still a “trust but verify” world. He said to give the Soviet leader some room until events foreclosed a benefit of the doubt.

“[A]t first pull your punches. If they persist, pull the plug. It’s still trust but verify. It’s still play, but cut the cards. It’s still watch closely. And don’t be afraid to see what you see.”


We see what we see. The time for benefit of the doubt and pulling punches is over. It’s long past time the political, civic, and business leaders who run Portland to stop this before the next political assassination on their streets.

They barely escaped one on Friday night.



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