Man Beaten and Held at Gunpoint by BLM/Antifa Says Attacker Used 'George Floyd Restraint' on His Neck

Antifa/BLM terrorists wield guns as they block citizens from traveling on public streets.

The disabled U.S. Marine and Army veteran attacked and held at gunpoint by antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters” on a Portland street last week says when they jumped him a heavy man put his knee on his neck ala George Floyd while hurling racial epithets at him.


And Joe Hall, who’s white, told me for the Adult in the Room Podcast that his PTSD kicked in and he feared for his life.

My PTSD kicked in. I was in fight or flight mode and it was a scary place to be. All I heard was “kill this white boy.” The antifa little 21 or 22-year-old agitators – they were yelling and screaming and just telling me “we’re going to kill him.” And the neighbors all joined in with “kill this white – nobody called the police until I get back to my vehicle.”

He deployed non-lethal pepper spray balls at one point, to clear the agitators. He warned them in advance and used the distraction to get back to his red truck, which he says bears an “I Voted for Donald Trump” and U.S. Marine stickers. He then called police.

Speaking from his hospital room, Hall told Portland radio host Lars Larson that the armed men surrounded and pointed their AR-15 and AK-style rifles at him. “I wasn’t going to die inside my truck,” he told Larson.

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So he took his .38 handgun, pointing it down, got out of his truck, and marched toward one of the armed men, saying the next person who points their gun at me is going to get shot, or words to that effect. Video of the incident, which has since been taken down, verifies this version of events. It’s when one of the gunmen raised their AR-15 that Hall pointed his gun at him. He didn’t fire fearing he’d be the one prosecuted, which happened in the notorious case of another Portland man.


Hall was jumped from the side and from behind, where he says a “400-pound man” put his knee on his neck.

Hall made him pay for it. Hall bit his thigh. Hard.

While I’m laying on the ground, you know the only way of getting out of there was to bite the inner thigh of the black man who was on top of me. He had a George Floyd restraint to my neck. I bit as hard as I could until I tasted something. So he’s got a pretty good mark on his leg.

A jury recently convicted former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin of using a knee hold on the neck of George Floyd, who was drugged on fentanyl and meth. Chauvin’s knee held down Floyd’s shoulder and back as well, but the neck imagery is what stuck with the mob.

Though there was never any evidence introduced in the Chauvin trial that it had anything to do with race – not one utterance in court – BLM and antifa pretend otherwise.

Clearly, however, a black man doing the same to a white man on the streets of Portland, Oregon, and accusing him of being a Nazi and white boy is race-based crime.

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As PJ Media reported previously, Hall, suffering from broken ribs, shoulder injuries, broken eye socket from being kicked in the head, four broken vertebrae, and other serious injuries, says the first question out of the Portland Police officer was “What did you do to agitate the crowd?” Not “Are you OK?” Not “May I call you an ambulance?” Not “Who did this?”


Hall says he was driving on a surface street to the freeway when a moped cut him off in traffic and Hall flipped the guy off. Hall was blocked by two other vehicles and surrounded by the armed gunman. He said it was more terrifying than any day of his 20-year military career. He had no idea there was a protest march going on.

While Hall possesses a concealed handgun permit, in Portland it’s illegal for people to openly carry loaded weapons.

Portland Police Public Information Officer, Sergeant Kevin Allen, told PJ Media that no guns have been confiscated and have no idea if antifa and BLM marauders were carrying loaded weapons.

I do not know if the weapons involved in this incident were loaded. No guns have been seized as evidence at this point in the investigation. We are not releasing information about the identities of the persons involved.

While Hall was being kicked and beaten, attackers stole his keys and the guns he uses for concealed carry out of his truck.

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He says it wasn’t his first scrape with protesters, which itself is another interesting story.

Hall spent four days in the hospital getting patched up before he was released on Saturday.

He told PJ Media that he’s identified one of his attackers, who is, shall we say, well known to the revolving doors of the Portland Police and Multnomah County’s DA office. I’ve asked Portland Police about any arrests or persons of interest to confirm Hall’s identification, but they hadn’t responded before publication.


At least one other driver was surrounded by the same antifa and BLM gang when he tried to drive past protesters at noon on May 5. The tires on an elderly man’s minivan were blown out and his back window was completely destroyed. A videographer, armed with an AK-47 type weapon, said the man was trying to harm them, but it’s clear from the video (below) that the man was trying to drive on the other side of the street from protest marchers. That didn’t stop the armed gunmen from surrounding his vehicle, flattening his tires, and bashing in his rear window. The videographer gobsmackingly described the attack on the man as “de-escalating” the situation. Off camera, the older man is somehow hurt. The armed man in the video claimed his comrades “aided” the man out of his car.

Randomly arranged marches and parades without any notification or marked route is a problem in Portland. Portlanders don’t know what they’ll confront while just trying to get home from work. Antifa and BLM are seldom – if ever – required by the city to get permits to take over the streets.

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Portland’s Black Lives Matter and antifa militants marched in celebration of Patrick Kimmons, an armed gang member shot by police. Kimmons had just shot two men in an 2018 gangland shooting. Police, nearby, responded and ordered Kimmons to drop his weapon. Kimmons didn’t. Now he’s a hero to the Left.


These groups need to find better heroes.



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