Tucker Carlson's 'Disinformation' Monologue Triggers the Left Big Time – Now Watch Them Fall Into His Trap and Respond With Disinformation

Tucker Carlson sits in his Dr. Evil ox chair at his Fox News hidey hole and looses his mind to come up with inventive new ideas to make CNN hosts apoplectic. Little finger resting on his lip, he squints his eyes and plots ways to trigger them with logic, facts, and ideas.


It’s very effective. They wet themselves with regularity. Clean up on aisle 404.

Carlson’s segment on who’s spewing disinformation is the latest in a long line of subjects upon which CNN hosts and the rest of the Left are confounded.

On his program Tuesday night, Carlson showed his audience why Mark Twain said: “Those who don’t read the papers are uninformed; those who do are misinformed.”

A lot of Americans are completely and utterly misinformed and that has actual consequences. Public policy can change on the basis of things people think they know, but don’t actually know and we have seen that – a lot.

Entire police departments got defunded.

So it’s worth finding out where the public is getting all this false information, this disinformation.

So we checked. We spent all day trying to locate the infamous QAnon, which in the end we found out is not even a website. If it’s out there we could not find it. Then we checked Marjorie Taylor Green’s Twitter feed because we have heard she traffics in disinformation, CNN told us. But nothing there. Next, we called our many friends in the tight intel community. Could Vladimir Putin be putting this stuff out there? The Proud Boys? Alex Jones?

Who is lying to America in ways that it is certain to make us hate each other and certain to destroy our core institutions?

Well, none of the above, actually. It wasn’t Marjorie Taylor Greene. It was cable news. It was politicians talking on TV. They’re the ones spreading disinformation to Americans. Maybe they’re from QAnon. You be the judge.


Carlson cut away to soundbites of elected officials. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker is seen pronouncing that law enforcers go around murdering black people. Kamala Harris is seen announcing that law enforcement is rife with “implicit racial bias.” Beto O’Rourke laments the lost lives of “unarmed black men … at the hands of white police officers.”

And then there’s Joe Biden, speaking behind a podium, insisting there’s racial bias by cops because he’s never had to tell his daughter how to keep herself safe after being pulled over by police officers.

As an aside, if Biden’s never done that then he’s not too smart. I’ve told my white kids multiple times not to reach for anything when a cop is approaching the side of their car after being stopped. Show your hands, I instruct. Say yessir and yes ma’am, I implore.  And then I instruct them how to not to give away their God-given 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights. But, hey, that’s just me. Maybe Joe didn’t think that was appropriate to tell his daughter because she was surrounded by Secret Service agents and would never have to confront it.

But Carlson triggers the CNN cohort and members of Congress when he goes into the actual numbers of black men shot by cops. His point is that to deny the overstatements by politicians on this issue is to “effectively participate in those killings yourself.” He cuts to a Don Lemon soundbite calling the killings of suspects over the years a “mass killing.”


I happened by a Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday in which the participants were chanting and hearing emotional speeches about the subject of black men being killed by cops. I asked a white guy (this was Portland), who was blocking traffic, what this particular protest was about. He gave me the guy’s name and told me he’d been murdered. Later, I looked up the case. It happened in 2018. By the time police rolled up on this guy, he’d shot two people in a gangland shooting and refused to put the gun down. But sure, they “murdered” him.

This is the kind of tripe the media pick up. Indeed, while looking up the story, the local media led with the fact that this guy was a 27-year-old father of three. Sad, of course! But an innocent “victim”? Come on, maaan! I’d say his kids and the guys he shot might warrant a higher rating on the imaginary socialist sliding scale of victimology than this guy.

All of this brings us to the response to the conclusion of Carlson’s segment in which he cites a study of how all of a sudden, in 2011, the major media switched from economic disparity as a useful narrative following Occupy Wall Street to how every disparity is race-based now.

What we learned is that America is a place where we must all hate each other at all times because of our skin colors, which by the way cannot be changed. And that way, once we’re all yelling and aggrieved and angry about irresolvable race questions; once we’ve picked the wound and now it won’t stop bleeding, we won’t have the time to ask even the most basic questions about economics.


As you might expect, not many boo birds on Twitter stuck around for his conclusions. They were stuck on finding QAnon at the January 6th riot at the Capitol Building.

“Who advertises on this show?” white-haired, white Senator Sheldon “White Board” Whitehouse asked in a sure-would-be-a-shame-if-anything-happened-to-your-show fashion. Please steer clear of the Sheldon Whitehouse spit zone for this.

Sports and political commentator, Jason Whitlock, who’s black, said the segment was on the money.

Not surprised to see Tucker Carlson trending today. His monologue last night was amazing. Watch it with an open mind as he explains how race is a blame game being backed by corporate America to distract (and divide) from its corruption.

CNN and Media Matters did not “open their minds” or appear to have actually watched the entire monologue before making Carlson’s point for him about disinformation.


The View chicks went off on Carlson for “downplaying white supremacy,” which, of course, made his point.

The Washington Post said Carlson didn’t say what the nutballs on Twitter said he said, but what he did say was “toxic.”

And Newsweek said Carlson’s segment on disinformation was “blatant disinformation.”

Our colleagues over at RedState picked up on the ultimate irony. The triggered response made Carlson’s point about telling the truth about disinformation.

Watch it below and judge it for yourself.



Victoria Taft is the host of The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft” where you can hear her series on “Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.” Find it  here. Follow her on Facebook,  TwitterParlerMeWeMinds @VictoriaTaft 



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